Evolution of the Buttercream Brain

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So… Elysse graduated this weekend and I wanted to make her vegan cupcakes. After flipping through the cupcake book, we thought that Brain cupcakes would be a good idea. However, this has been a really busy weekend, and I didn’t think we’d have time to bake, so I decided to try to find vegan cupcakes pre-made, scrape off the decorative frosting, and add the brains. We picked up some Black China Bakery cupcakes via Whole Foods, and while Hairy whipped up the vegan buttercream, I carefully scraped off the yucky German chocolate blobs and raspberry creme dollops. Our buttercream recipe did not end up holding up all that well. Hairy tried refrigerating the frosting first before piping the brains on. The first one slid right off the cupcake! And the later ones started melting again! We stuck them in the freezer over night and then hoped they would look semi okay to give to Elysse. Hairy says of one of the cupcakes, “That looks like lungs.” This is your brain on buttercream.

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