24 Hours in L.A.

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On Friday afternoon I left for L.A., and I was back by Saturday afternoon! I really wanted to go to the opening for Sweet Tooth, but Hairy was out of town, Manda was out of town, and my relatives were visiting my parents’ house, so they could only watch my dogs for one night anyway. It seemed kind of silly to pop in and out like that, but I thought it would be worth it to support the show and also meet the people who were throwing it. I’m glad I went! There were a couple little things that seemed like SIGNS, like BAD OMENS, so I am glad nothing actually really super bad happened! 1) I accidentally booked a smoking room, and when I called to see if they had any more non-smoking, they said ┬áno ­čÖü 2) I didn’t realize that a cab from LAX to my hotel would be $70.oo. Good to know for next time! 3) When I opened up my suitcase, a can of Pringles had exploded all over the inside. Getting out all the magical Pringles dust was one thing, but…..they had also left PRINGLES OIL STAINS on the suitcase liner. I had borrowed this little suitcase from my mom, so, that wasn’t cool! 4) When I opened up my toiletry bag, my Demeter Coconut Spray had leaked all over EVERYTHING. Luckily, it was not sticky or gooey, and I like the smell of coconuts anyway, but I definitely just left the bottle there to avoid any future worse mishaps. 5) I had somehow forgotten to pack my outfit for the night AND my pj’s! So I just kept on my crinkly airplane outfit and then slept in my shirt for the next day. I know these are not big ordeals, but I just usually don’t experience all these weird little travel blips! Anyway, Nellie and Kevin were nice enough to pick me up, and we all went to Backside together. It was PACKED!! Like super-duper packed! When I got there, the koala piece had already sold, and as I was approaching, someone told me that she had just sold a second piece. YAY! I also saw someone wearing one of my cupcake slouchy hats when I got in there, and as it turned out, she had also purchased the Strawberry Bunny painting. Dramatic lighting! Adrienne! I’m going to adopt her. Hope she doesn’t mind. Benjie, who organized the show. Nicest dude EVER! Quick snap of the crowd. Fun ice creams painting by Bobby Hundreds, ┬áinspired by those cylindrical ice cream scoops from Thrifty’s! I was really excited to see this embroidery art by C. Ann (I think that’s who it was…?) It was getting really hot inside, and my sweat moustache was in full bloom, so we headed outside to get some air. I got to meet Ducky, Benjie’s lady, who I think was the one who told him about my work in the first place! On Instagram, I jokingly called this photo […]

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