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To SHOP, click on the milk carton. To see what’s currently on EBAY, click on the egg carton. Items tend to go fast, so feel free to join my MAILING LIST if you want to be the first to know when new items are for sale. To check out my GALLERY of past items, click on the freezer box. Any events or notable info will be posted in the NEWS section; follow the jumping butter!

Wanna know more about Twinkie Chan? Click on the pizza for the ABOUT section, or click on the ice cream cone for my FAQ. You can find the PRESS section by clicking the pickle jar. Everyday anecdotes and photos are in my BLOG, so click on the burping cake slice! To check out some of my talented friends or places I love to shop online, click on the LINKS (hot dogs, natch!).

The bag of tater tots in the freezer will take you to the EXTRAS section, which is in progress, but will soon be the place to find fun tidbits like animated icons, banners, desktops, an interactive crochet project I am plotting, and maybe a free crochet pattern or two.

Need to get in touch with me? Click on the juicy turkey for the CONTACT page.


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