Q: Can I sell finished items that I make from your crochet patterns?

A: Yes. You may sell finished items from any of my books or patterns, but I would also really appreciate a credit to “Twinkie Chan” as the designer in your online listings, on your hangtags, or where you deem appropriate. I love supporting all your entrepreneurial efforts and your hard work, but I hope that you also support mine. Please note, though, that you may not distribute, copy, or sell the actual patterns themselves.

Q: Do you write your own patterns?

A: Yes. I post many free patterns here on my blog, and I sell others in my Etsy shop.

Q: Why do you sell certain patterns and then post others for free?

A: This is a tough question and one that I struggle with, since I love inspiring you guys with free patterns, but I also feel that any artist’s time and knowledge should be compensated fairly. For now, I’ll walk you through how I have been making that decision. I sell patterns in my Etsy shop that are definitely “on brand” with a Twinkie Chan item, such as a food-themed goodie that is useful or wearable. I might also put a pattern in there that is slightly off-theme but that took a lot of time for me to put together and write. I started posting free patterns on my blog that I was making for my own personal use, so I felt like I was just sharing part of my everyday life with you. These patterns tend to be a bit simpler and worked more quickly. For instance, if I made a simple crocheted hair bow, I wouldn’t feel right about charging anyone for that. I also post patterns for free that are based on somebody else’s intellectual property, such as Baby Groot or PuppyCat. I don’t prefer to sell items or patterns based on trademarked characters, but they are still really fun to make and give as gifts! Another reason I might post a pattern for free is if I’m collaborating with a company on a project, and it’s possible I’m being compensated in another way. I hope that helps clear up that question a little!

Q: Where can I find a hardcopy of your first book, Crocheted Goodies for Fashion Foodies?

A: My first book, which mostly has scarf patterns in it, came out in 2010, and it is currently sold out in hardcopy. My publisher decided to no longer publish craft books. When I am able to, I will attempt to get the rights back, but for now, you can still purchase an electronic Kindle copy on Amazon.com (aff. link). You can view any Kindle books on any device using the Kindle app.

Q: How do I wash my scarf/pin/purse?

A: Please don’t stick your lovingly handmade item into the washing machine! I recommend that you handwash your scarf to preserve it. Use cold water and a very gentle soap. Lightly squeeze and do not agitate too much, especially if your scarf is made out of wool. Rinse and press out as much water as you can in the sink using only gentle pressure, and then press out more moisture by sandwiching your scarf in a towel. Lay scarf flat to dry. Purses/packs can be washed in the same way, and you may want to lightly stuff your purse/pack with some plastic grocery bags while it’s drying to retain its shape. I would suggest that you not really dunk your brooch/pin in the water, but carefully spot clean it with gentle soap and a wet cloth.

Q: Do you take special orders or commissions?

A: Yes, I do on a limited basis depending on how busy I am! Special order scarves will start at about $150 and the final price will depend on the design you choose and whether I have to write a new pattern. The materials you choose will also affect the pricing. Feel free to contact me via the “Contact” button and ask if I am taking commissions at that time. Also, it helps if you have a pretty good idea of what you are interested in. I always appreciate a sketch with the right colors, too. Don’t worry if you feel you lack artistic skills. I cannot draw to save my life. It’s just a basic guide! The better idea you have in your head, the better I can try to work with you to make the perfect scarf. Also, if you are interested in custom order brooches or other non-scarfy items, email me and we can discuss.

Q: Do you take wholesale orders or consign?

A: No, unfortunately due to how much time/labor goes into my crochet pieces, I am usually unable to wholesale or consign.

Q: How long does it take you to make a scarf?

A: This really depends on the scarf, how many pieces I have to sew together, whether pom-poms or hearts need to be glued on, how intricate the pattern is. I’ve never really clocked the hours before, but I would imagine that the average is about 6-8 hours of work, but sometimes more. I spend a lot of time on each piece to ensure that all the ends are woven in, and that I’ve added as much detail and love as I can to make the scarf as cute as possible.

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