Crochet Mushrooms & Frogs for Jenny Lemons

In August, I was the featured artist at Jenny Lemons, which is an amazing art supply store, gift shop, and DIY teaching space in San Francisco. I hosted a craft party via Zoom where we made beaded mushroom pins to go with the neon mushroom theme that I created in the shop window. All of the mushroom and froggy friends were for sale, and they all sold out! Before you ask, you can definitely purchase patterns for them in my Etsy shop: frog crochet pattern and mushrooms and frogs crochet pattern bundle.

Taking photos of a window display is tough because of the reflections on the glass, but here are a few snaps from installation day.

Usually for big projects like craft shows or installations, I hire out help because I still have a full-time day job, and as we all know, crocheting is a slow craft. I challenged myself to do all the crocheting on my own this time. Of course, I didn’t make quite as many mushrooms as I had hoped, but I ended up making more frogs than I had planned because they sold out in a few days.

I posted a Reel on Instagram if you want a video tour:

The super giant mushroom was an interesting project. I kept wanting the whole thing to be soft, squishy, and huggable, but I didn’t know if that was physically possible. So its insides are a tall skinny garbage can and a 3 foot wooden table top. I used a drill and some big bolts to keep those pieces together. My biggest frustration was with YARN COLOR AND DYE LOTS. I started the stem over like 3 times because I kept the white yarn of the same brand and name kept changing in tone. This also happened with the pink, which you can see, but I didn’t have time to start all over again. You gotta go with the dye lot flow sometimes. This beast now lives with my niece!

Here are some individual shots of some of the pieces that I photographed for the Jenny Lemons webshop.

I might make a few froggies and some mushroom ornaments for the holidays. We will see!

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