Bento Buddies now in my Etsy shop!


I finally put my crocheted bento box buddies in my Etsy shop, and they even have their own shop category! If you recall, I created these for Renegade Craft Fair in July (photos of the bento bar here). Now you guys can create your own bento boxes online! Or, if you don’t want to put together an entire box, you can buy a buddy or two and turn him into a pin or a magnet. Lots of options! Some people already put in their orders and have assembled full boxes, and I can’t wait to put them together and take photos! I’m excited!

And yes, for those asking, I am planning on releasing patterns for these. I think I will have 2 different options for electronic/pdf patterns: 1) the meats/proteins and 2) the fruits/veggies. I’m playing with the idea of printing mini books that carry all of the patterns, but I’m still pricing that out and seeing if that’s a smart move for me or not. Regardless, you will have them electronically! I just need time to take a lot of step-out photos and make samples! Until then, shop away! I also added some ready-to-ship tissue box cozies, scarves, a tv dinner tablet cozy, and I’m working on editing photos for garlands :).

3 Comments on “Bento Buddies now in my Etsy shop!”

  • wooly brain


    They’re so Super Adorable!!!! You must have very numb fingers, I hope you get to rest your creative hands. Your a inspiration to me <3 Keep on being Awesome : )

  • Yessss patterns!~ And it would be SO cute for them to be mini books. SO CUTE.

    • This has also inspired me to try my hand at making a tofu bento buddy, like tempura tofu or just a wee block of tofu :3

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