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Hello! So…! The app that I used to run my blog ads, PassionFruitAds, seems to have gone belly-up sooner than they had announced… the website suddenly no longer exists, their Twitter has been suspended, and they owe a bunch of bloggers (including me) a bunch of money. I’m still hosting a giveaway even though you can’t see any ads running in my sidebar at the moment, but I hope to figure out a new blog ad situation in the new year. I have been thinking about some changes, but we’ll see how everything shakes out when I am able to devote more time to it!

I really love how colorful this giveaway is. It’s right up my alley!

One lucky winner will receive:


1. This month, The Geek Garden is offering you your choice of her brand new slouch beanie! These can be made with just about any of the fabrics in her shop! Be sure to follow her on IG @poppysgeekgarden as she’ll be having a Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale. She’s also offering Free Shipping within the USA on orders of $50+ in November with code TWINKFREE.


2. A super cuddly and soft Egg Plush from Nellie Le, because who doesn’t love eggs?! If you’re in the LA area, she will be at DesignerCon this weekend at the Pasadena Convention Center. Come visit her at Booth #235! (P.s. I’ll be going to DesignerCon, too… not to vend, but just to shop!)


3. A trio of 7 3/4″ X 5 1/2″ make-up pouches by A Little Geeky, made with her original fabric, backed with breathable easy view black poly mesh. Sushi, Cheeseburger and Rainbow Galaxy Cat! She has a great selection of holiday gifts. Use coupon TWINKIELOVE for 20% off $30 or more!


4. A $25 gift certificate to shop at Knit Kritters, filled with knit/crochet patterns and also ready-made items!


5. A Kitty Love gift pack from Oh Boy Love It! including a card, 2.25 inch pin, 2.25 inch mirror & 1 inch pin.  Black Friday shoppers can use the promo code LOVEBFRIDAY to save 50% in her handmade shop.
giveawaynovember_twinkie6. A Christmas Pickle… from me! If you don’t celebrate Christmas, he’s still a really great, sparkly picklebuddy :P.



Just use the Rafflecopter widget below for all your chances to win!

Giveaway is open worldwide, for ages 18 & over, and will run for a week until Friday night, November 25th, at midnight PST. Winner will be chosen randomly via Rafflecopter/, and winner must reply to my email within 24 hours, or I will randomly choose a new winner. No purchase necessary. If you live outside of the United States, please note that while my blog sponsors will cover the cost of the item and the shipping, any customs or duty will still be your responsibility. Good luck! Please make sure my email address can get through your spam filters! I will only be contacting winners via email:

P.S. NO giveaway accounts! Thank you! A giveaway account is a social media account that you use solely for giveaways.

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42 Comments on “November blog giveaway!”

  • Helen


    Hello, For what it’s worth – I see some sort of ads on the sidebar – Creativebug, Tokyo Otaku Mode, Japan Candy Box, Crafsty, Japan Funbox, Red Heart … They all sound really neat and your mentioning it actually made me seek them out. 😀 We love eggs – what a perfect circle yolk! All the prizes are so cute and colorful as always. I know a few cat lovers too. Bye! 🙂

  • Audrey


    Hmmm… I love the plush egg, but really love the Christmas pickle. Our British friends have glass pickle ornament(s) and do scavenger hunts for kids (and us grown-up kids). The first year, we found out they had more than one pickle ornament so we could all be scavenger hunt winners. lol

  • Gina


    Hi Twinkie!

    I see some ads on the right side of the screen, too. Hope this means things got back to some kind of normal quickly.

    I have the pumpkin pie tissue holder from a couple years ago on display in my kitchen!

    Central NYS

    • TwinkieChan


      Oh this are affiliate links and not my blog sponsors 🙂

  • Collette Kay


    I guess it is the advent calendars. I have a homemade one I was given as a child which I refill every year. Last year I made one for my boyfriend too. And I fill them with Lindt truffles <3

  • Michelle Waite


    Your giveaways always have unique items, which I love! Thanks for opening my eyes to new venues of creativity. So much creativity in California…right now we are hunkering down in our blankets and quilts in Oregon. I have a million ideas hibernating in my blanket cave…I need to write them all down!

  • Arya Dosh


    I always make cracker toffee in big batches to give away as gifts (and I of course keep half of it to myself). 🙂

  • Dottie Lou Crisp


    My favorite Christmas tradition is that when we open presents on Christmas morning, we open them one at a time, so that everyone can see everyone else’s reaction to the gifts. It is really fun that way. Sometimes we have to take a break and have breakfast before we finish the openings!

  • wooly brain


    Totally generous giveaway from everyone, thanks. I make cracker bonbons with little crochet or knitted items inside and chocolates if any room left cute jewellery. Also we listen to satirical carols. Hope you enjoy yourself this holiday season : )

  • Terri


    I looovvveeee the slouch beanie. It would make me look fab.(for a change ha ha) I’d love to win anything from you because then I could tell everyone one I know that I got something from Twinkie Chan. Sooo cool.

  • Lucy Piper


    my favourite holiday tradition is the family coming over and the delayed opening of presents until they are all there, then when all is given and opened we have a massive Christmas feast fit for a king and queen and of course after that games of bingo!!!

  • My fav holiday tradition is to sit with my family on xmas day, eating selfmade cookies, unpacking gifts and having fun together. 🙂

  • Pat


    Our tradition is PJ’s! Every year I buy my kids new PJ’s for them to open on Christmas Eve, now I include the spouses and grandchildren.

  • Carrie Vietzen


    Oooh!! It all looks amazing !!!

  • melissa


    Favorite tradition…every year on Christmas Eve my sister and I and our hubby’s take our kids to a near by hot spring pool. We do a big dinner then drive down listening to Christmas carols and spend a few hours enjoying the hot pools and swimming pool with our kids. It wears them out so Santa can come earlier! The kids are all older now (11, 15, 17, 20) but we all still go. It’s so magical to swim under the stars in December and even better when it’s snowing!

  • Taz


    Holiday Traditions: I like to make the holiday season about giving. We do as many charity and volunteer events that we can. We also make big batches of handmade gifts for everyone, like candles, or chapstick. The kiddos love helping, and love giving. It’s a great feeling!

  • Kimberly Lada


    My family does an advent calendar every December. The kids really love it.

  • Angela


    We do matching pjs every year

  • Lauren


    We don’t have a particular tradition for the holidays, but we are always together. X-mas without my family wouldn’t be the same. I guess being together is our tradition.

  • Peggy Riemer


    After Thanksgiving dinner we put up Christmas decorations. It’s always fun to see our favorite ornaments.

  • Candace


    My favorite Christmas tradition is opening ONE present on Christmas Eve. The rest are on Christmas day! 🙂

  • My holiday tradition is doing nothing for the holidays, except for thinking what gifts I’m going to get for myself, lol 😀

  • My favorite Christmas tradition is opening presents Christmas Eve.

  • sparkle


    omg this so co cuteee ~

  • Sarah Oswald


    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating the Christmas tree with my family watching Christmas movies and Christmas songs.

  • Dee O'Connor


    My favorite holiday tradition is getting up early to make cinnamon rolls for the family Christmas morning when everyone is asleep the house is still and all the Christmas lights are on. Of course everyone wakes up pretty quickly once the rolls are in the oven. I love watching their little faces light up. When they see the Christmas tree. I love your pickle Twinkie.

  • Ashley Romeo


    I have actually made two christmas pickles already….I love all your work!

  • Amanda Lopez


    Making tamales on Christmas Eve!

  • Jessica


    My favorite tradition happens on Christmas Eve, and it involves opening up one present, hot chocolate, and Christmas movies.

  • Elizabeth Moeller


    My favorite is christmas eve dinner with the family. Always a lot of fun!

  • Laura B.


    We like filling the Advent Calendar. We used to spend Christmas Eve with my grandfather-in-law but, sadly, he passed away this year. We will still being going to my sister’s house Christmas day though.

  • Karen Lloyd


    My favorite tradition is reading Christmas and winter books with my kids. We have a whole box of Christmas books tucked away to be opened after Thanksgiving. I’ve filled it over the years with old favorites from my childhood and newer selections. I pillaged my Mom’s shelves for my childhood books and found the rest at public library used bookstores for $1-$2 each. The illustration quality is so important to me. I hate poorly illustrated children’s books!! The Night Before Christmas illustrated by Gyo Fujikawa is one of my favorites.

  • You are the most beautiful random in my day! So glad to see you on CreativeBug, btw!!! Love it!!! And everyone is getting unicorns and amigurumi fruit for Christmas;)

    My fav tradition for the holidays is making presents. EVERYONE gets a handmade weirdness from me and they HAVE to display it in the house for the whole year or I act upset and guilt trip them into doing it and then the next year, they get something really WEIRD…. and then it gets worse and worse until they willingly comply for a full year. (They get regular presents too, but these are the best ones imo… lol!)

    • TwinkieChan


      Your comment just put a smile on my face! Thank you!

  • Lori


    Eating latkes! Though why limit fried potato pancakes to once a year?

  • Shauna Crissey


    We put up our Christmas stuff before Thanksgiving We don’t have any real traditions. I did knit a mitten advent garland that I intend to put activities for my husband and I to do to keep stress free around the holidays. I’m looking forward to the singing, dancing, cookie making, and cocoa drinking that I’ve proposed. Today’s thanksgiving and I just wanted to let you know that I’m thankful for your blog and Instagram account. You provide a great amount of inspiration to me and I love seeing your updates. I hope you carry on in the New Year.

  • Sam McCullough


    During the holidays, me and my family loves to decorate and watch Xmas movies. On Xmas eve, we go to Issaquah for a giant family party. This year, I want to try ice skating and try to make a gingerbread house. I love this season, not only because my bday is Dec. 17, but because everyone is so happy and loving.

  • Kimberly Bowen


    I love going to the Christkindlemart and having mulled wine with friends and family.

  • Donna Carlen


    Congrats in advance to whoever shall win the giveaway. Twinkie, you are a fun human~! Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Victoria


    Every year we celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, during which we leave up our tree (although, really, who doesn’t?), watch Christmas movies, and set out our Christmas stockings. Then we fill them up with candy and some small trinkets, in the middle of the night.

  • Deanna


    Taking my dogs to take a pic with Santa everrry year

  • Hanan


    The egg is super cute! I love the fabric choices for the makeup bags and hats as well. Cute giveaway all of these stuff are what my daughter likes.

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