Quick Hello from Japan!


Hi!!!! Quick hello from Japan before I go to sleep!

We were in Tokyo for 1 week. We went to Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Sea (amazing!), Harajuku, Akihabara, and we lived in an AirBnb in Shibuya. This is a photo that Courtney took of me at a Baskin Robbins near Tokyo Tower. I’m really pumped because I bought a bunch of ice cream plush there that you can’t find in the states (you can see them behind me on the left side of the photo). Also I’m drinking a matcha ice cream shake, and I am craycray for matcha.

We’re in Kyoto now, and today we walked in the rain around Fushimi Inari Shrine and the Golden Pavilion. I’ve been fighting a cold for the past few days, and today when we were ascending the stairs at the shrine, it got really rainy and MISTY and I could feel all that moisture in my lungs and had to tap out. A friend on Instagram suggested I buy a vitamin C lemon water, and I found it at 7-11 and am chugging it. I’m hoping I will wake up feeling amazing and not like complete garbage!

I’m getting a lot of inspiration for cute crochet projects here! In the meantime, don’t forget that my cute kitty class is now live on Creativebug, and is perfectly just in time for Halloween ;).

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  • Allison Goss


    How cool! That sounds really fun! Hope you may get some free pattern inspiration!!!! (BTW, I LOVE your patterns) <3

  • Twinkie, sweetheart tell us, who travel with you? Maybe Wanda or new boyfriend? Please tell us!!!!

  • wooly brain


    I hope you’re enjoying KawaiiLand (Japan) and feeling better very soon : ) So you can keep inspiring us with your crochet creations. Sending good weather vibes your way so you can have a excellent time there. Thanks for remembering to post on your blog for all of us : )

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