Dry, flakey, winter-face? I’m trying evening primrose oil!

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When it comes to makeup/beauty stuff, I’m usually the one asking the questions, so I don’t really post about that much here. HOWEVER, as every winter approaches, I find the skin on my face getting dryer and dryer, and in my search to find something to soothe my freaked-out skin, I thought I would share some discoveries with you guys.

To start, I have always had really oily skin, oftentimes prone to breakouts, which I could stave off with regular exfoliation. For most of my 20s, I didn’t even moisturize most of my face, just some dryer areas like around my mouth or on my eyelids. As I got a bit older, my skin started to change a little and I was also worried about skin care for wrinkles, so I started lightly moisturizing every day and night. I still am prone to regular oiliness, and I blot my face like a mofo, but it’s like I have a dry, flakey base with oil on top. Really awesome, right? It sounds like dehydrated skin to me, but my face reacts poorly to things like hyaluronic acid, so I’m always trying to find ways to feed my skin without boosting the oil. I know there are also things you can eat, like fish, nuts, avocados, flax, supplements, etc. that can help your skin, and I could probably do more of that as well.

For the past few years, I’ve been a Kiehl’s girl as far as moisturizers, but this winter, it wasn’t enough. I explored the world of OILS. I’ve found that any oil alone is not enough to moisturize me overnight. I apply the oil first, and then I put on my moisturizer. I’ve tried Algenist Anti-Aging Repairing Oil, Josie Maran Light Argan Oil, jojoba oil, maracuja oil… there are tons and more. What I was looking for was something that would keep my nose and forehead from flaking during the day. I also tried using different oils for day and night, but day-time oil application usually leaves me a little too oily.

Here’s my current skincare regimen which I’m pretty happy with.


Wash with Algenist Gentle Rejuvenating Cleanser. I super love this cleanser! One tube lasts forever, because a tiny drop goes a long way. The longer you massage it into your skin, the more moisturized you get. Manda has super sensitive skin, and she likes it, too.

(I don’t tone because I’m lazy and have never found one that has blown me away.)

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer – this has been my go-to forever. I can use it day and night during the summer, but I need something heavier at night during the winter.

I use a La Roche-Posay sunscreen in SPF 40, but it seems to be hard to find at the moment. You can check out their other sunscreens here. Mine has an oil-absorbant quality which I like a lot.


Wash with Neutrogena Oil-Free Deep Clean Cream Cleanser. I’ve just been using this for a million years, and it works well for me. If I use it during the day and night, it somehow makes me more oily, so I only use it at night. I like that it has salicylic acid in it, and I hope it’s getting the makeup and gunk off my face, but I can’t say that’s what’s happening for sure!

Here’s my new favorite thing, thanks to my buddy Candace. Evening primrose oil!! My mom said it made her break out, Candace says it helps her break-outs, and for me, I haven’t noticed anything break-out-related.  I put 4 drops in my hand and then massage gently onto my face. Then I pretend to do face yoga exercises.

Moisturize with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. It’s in the same line as my daytime lotion, but it’s heavier and creamier.

SOooometimes, I’ll also layer this  Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack on top of everything.  Some people put it on without any moisturizer underneath, and some people layer it over all their other stuff. You’d have to play with it and figure it out, but I didn’t notice much of a benefit if I used it alone. I like how it kind of feels like it’s sealing all the other goodness inside.

As far as other face masks, I have always loved Juice Beauty’s Green Apple Organic Peel – Sensitive. They have a full-strength one which I’ve never actually tried because I was always happy with the sensitive skin formula. ((EDIT: since I started writing this blog entry, I bought the full-strength mask. A lot of the reviews noted redness and burning even though people still loved it, and although I did notice a tingle in the beginning, I didn’t get red or splotchy or anything, and I liked the mask a lot.)

I know this entry was really boring for most of you guys, but maybe some of you will find a helpful product or two!

(My “Butt” art is by UglyBaby.)

4 Comments on “Dry, flakey, winter-face? I’m trying evening primrose oil!”

  • Rosalie


    TeeHee — So glad you like your Butt Shower Art!

    • TwinkieChan


      It’s the best!

  • Madelyn


    Hey, lady. Been reading your blog for quite awhile but I’ve never commented. I also had oil sitting on top of dry skin, and occasional breakouts, and I’m in my 40s, not cool. About 2 years ago I gave up on commercial potions (because they all made me as shiny as satin!) and started using plain olive oil to wash my face. Wearing makeup? Olive oil. Need a bit more moisture? Olive oil. Just a regular day? Olive oil. My skin has cleared up, it’s not dry, and I don’t have to blot it several times a day. You may want to just try your evening primrose oil as your only face care product for a couple weeks and see if it works as well for you, or almond oil. If you think I’m totally nuts, Google “oil cleansing method.”

    • TwinkieChan


      Is there a certain kind of olive oil that is more face-friendly than others? So far, I have found oils-alone to not be dry enough, and then I feel tight/flakey during the day. Do you oil night and day as well?

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