Third Time’s a Charm (purikura!)

I’m a bit predictable. If I’m entertaining out-of-town visitors, I always want to take them to PikaPika in Japantown for some purikura or Japanese photobooth fun. It’s always really stressful because time goes very quickly in the photobooth, and sometimes the pics turn out well, and sometimes they don’t, and you just sorta go with it cuz it costs $10 bucks.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 8.34.28 PMA few weeks ago, my friend Candace from SuperGoodClothing spent a week-long layover with me. We ate tons of snacks, cooked junk food (I need to edit video for IEatYuckyStuff!) and went to J-town 3 days in a row. Why? The first day, we got there too late, and after shopping at Daiso, we didn’t have enough time for PikaPika. On Day 2, we got there only to find out that it was closed for a special event. We did visit Mitsu Tea House, the new bubble tea place, which also serves shave ice/”snows” which I don’t usually get. But Candace got a strawberry shortcake one that has actual cake in it, and I approve! Day 3 was the magic day for us to let loose our creative and artistic spirits, as evidenced above. Candace is the only person I know with an effed-up sleep schedule like me, hence, #lackofsleeppals as well as brain damage references. We need help. We’re working on it.

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  • Fiona


    When I lived in Japan I bought an album solely dedicated to purikura photos, I was so excited to find something like that because where I live in Australia, we only have seldom (and boring!) passport photo booths or a few more cooler machine in video arcades but nothing like Japan and definitely no need for a photo album. The album purchase was back in 2005/6 and when I visited again a few years ago, I realised they had stream lined the machines even in Japan, they seemed a lot more expensive and more catered on beautification (enlarging eyes and lightening skin tones) rather than “lets add lots of ridiculously graphics”. I was a little sad about that because I’m all about those graphics!

    I think I’m ranting but I just got excited to see your photos – reminding me of everything I love about purikura!

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