Pinky Sulky Star Gazers & Girl Glue, from Mel Stringer


Mel Stringer is a super amazing artist, and I kind of just want to BE every girl that she draws. She kindly sent me a pair of her Pinky Sulky Star Gazer earrings! I for serious have not worn earrings in 8 million years, and I was like, “MelMel, I don’t even know if I have ear holes anymore!!!” BUT I DO.

Mel also has a zine called Girl Glue in which she gathers inspiration and art from girl artists around the world. Girl Glue 2 is out now and available in her shop, and yours truly is in there, too!


The gorgeous cover art is by Wishcandy, and here is a list of all the artists inside:  (from A-Z) Amanda Whitelaw, Cat Rabbit, Chelsey Barnes, Danielle Thompson, Elena Peralimonera, Gemma Correll, Glucose Girl, Hannakin, Heidi Kenney, Hellen Jo, Kirbee Lawler, Lilly Piri, Mab Graves, Maddy Young, Manjit Thapp, Marmushka, Mel Stringer, Natali Koromoto Martinez, Natalie Perkins, Ouvra, Rebecca Marian Irene, Rudy Fig, Sarah “Catface” MG, Team Kitten, Twinkie Chan, Valerie Brown, Wishcandy.


Hope you guys have a great weekend! I’m going to a Galentine’s Day party at Elysse‘s house, and then I’m powering through more work on my second crochet book, which I’ll blog about soon :). (If you guys have any fun suggestions for something vegan I can bake or cook and the turn into a heart shape, let me know!)


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  • Fiona


    Mel stringer’s art is awesome! Love those cute earrings 🙂 I made a vegan turkish bread thing for christmas which was yum! ( You could buy pita breads and cut them into heart shapes and then add on the toppings – you do need to construct and pop it in the oven for ten minutes just before baking so as food to bring they’re slightly more troublesome. Or you could google vegan cookies, a lot of dark chocolate above 70% is made with soy rather than milk fats and you can substitute the need for milk for almond milk and butter for something like nutlex (if you have that in the US). Also I read about white sugar sometimes being refined with animal bones, so raw sugar is also a safe bet 🙂

    Opps, rambling and I just realised I might be a little too late anyway! Hope the party is/was fun

    • TwinkieChan



  • wishcandy


    Hey girl, heyyyy! Just saw this. Glad you got a copy <3 Proud my art is in your hands. :3

    • TwinkieChan


      I need to put together my new craft room at long last and see if I have more room for more arts!!

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