Check out the judges panel and a little bit about the judging process for The Crochet Awards!

CrochetAwardsJudgesFirst up, check out this panel of awesome ladies I get to join as a judge for The Crochet Awards! To be perfectly honest, and I get asked about this sometimes in interviews, I am kind of clueless about a lot of other crochet designers. Like, I have not been super active on Ravelry, and I have not really become internet-buddies with a  lot of other crochet designers, so this is such a neat and unique opportunity for me to get more in touch with the crochet world at large, and I’m so thankful to Salena from Design Wars for inviting me! As soon as I think of the word “judge,” I automatically think of Judge Dredd… which I know is weird… cuz I’m not the law in this case… and I don’t get to beat anyone up or arrest them or wear a cool helmet. (I know… crochet one…and don’t beat anyone up.)

As I mentioned before, the awards are now occurring quarterly, with the first quarter being all about APPAREL. Here are the categories of crochet patterns for which we got to nominate our favorites:

  • Best Coat/Jacket
  • Best Dress
  • Best Shrug/Bolero
  • Best Skirt
  • Best Beachwear (Swimwear, Coverups)
  • Best Vest
  • Best Shorts/Pants
  • Best Sweater (Cardigan or Pullover)
  • Best Tank/Sleeveless Tunic Top
  • Best Shawl/Wrap
  • Best Cowl/Snood
  • Best Scarf
  • Best Poncho/Capelet

You guys, it was really hard!!! I would nominate a shrug and wonder if it was more of a mini sweater. I would nominate a bottom beach coverup and wonder if it was more of a pair of shorts.

One of the things we noticed though was that swimwear or beachwear was kind of a seemingly avoided category in crochet patterns, so, WATCH OUT WORLD. I’m bringing you cupcake bikini tops galore for SS 2015!!! 😉

But anyway, YOU guys will still have an opportunity to nominate some wildcards, so start sorting through your favorite crochet apparel patterns from 2014. Stay tuned for more info on that!

2 Comments on “Check out the judges panel and a little bit about the judging process for The Crochet Awards!”

  • Fiona


    Super congrats again on being a judge! Whenever I hear crochet bikini’s I always think about this article I read as a teen (or maybe later!) where Maria Carey said for a period she only wore crochet bikini tops that her friend made for her. I often think about how awesome that is, my first thought was – crochet tops for the win! and my second thought, being that she is loaded and still wearing stuff her friend made for her 🙂

  • Congrats on being a judge. Awesomeness.

    I do a roundup of crochet swimsuits and swimsuit patterns at least once each summer so there’s a nice collection on the blog of what’s out there so far. No cupcakes yet though 🙂

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