Murray Christmas

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Sorry for the radio-silence on my blog and on YouTube and basically all my social media. I am still crocheting until the wee hours to overnight people’s Christmas orders that I thought I could handle, but I got a bit overwhelmed.  I am also feeling super spent in all ways that a human can feel spent due to various and sundry life-happenings, but all we can do is forge on.

Speaking of human, I got this Murray Christmas baseball tee from, cuz one of my Instagram friends had one, and I had to copy her! I will be going hobo-casual on Christmas Day.

4 Comments on “Murray Christmas”

  • Fiona


    Oh my gosh that’s so neat – if I could magically get one before christmas (laughs) I would 🙂 Hope things start becoming less crazy for you – Merry Christmas Christmas eve!

  • Gina


    Twinkie, you take care of yourself and get lots of post-Christmas rest. Looking forward to your amazing ideas for 2015!

    Central NYS

  • Bianca


    When you wear it, you should watch Scrooged one of my favorite A Christmas Carol adaptations. Right after the Muppet Christmas Carol.

  • Best shirt ever! Totally buying one to have for next year.

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