Turkey Day Tissue Cozy!

TurkeyMainSmallDon’t forget that I have a free pattern for a Turkey Tissue Box cozy with cute lil veggies and a lettuce dish cloth! I’ll be filming a tutorial for the drumstick and posting it this week!

Also for those of us less inclined to crochet any turkey-related accessories, we have our Turkey Hat available for sale over at Yummy You!

Turkey Hat Group

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4 Replies to “Turkey Day Tissue Cozy!”

  1. Gina says:

    Oh, this is so totally adorable! The veggies really make the design. The yarn choice is perfect. I think you’ve outdone yourself in the tissue cozy department!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Central NY

  2. Pharmagurumi says:

    That Turkey hat is absolutely fabulous!

  3. carnivalgoldfish says:

    I’m gonna make this for candy. Tell people if they want those caramels, they gotta reach into the turkeys butt to get it. Thank you for the pattern.

    1. TwinkieChan says:

      You are now my favorite person.

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