You’ve got HAPPY MAIL!

HappyMail2Yesterday, I got a fun little surprise in the mail: HAPPY MAIL! It’s the new monthly stationery club from my fave gals Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess (they also recently launched a new shop filled with tons of crafting supplies plus their new craft line, bee tee dubs!).

happymail5happymail4You can tell that I’m kind of really into their mailer! Let’s check out what’s inside!

happymail3HappyMail1I already started getting the happy feels upon opening my hand-written card! When I was little, I tried to get Manda to be my pen pal, but she never mailed me anything! Granted, she did GIVE me some letters when I saw her, BUT STILL. Anyway, I admit, that I am really bad at the lost art of letter-writing and card-sending. My friend Cuppy is like The Queen of Card-Sending, and I think it’s really lovely, and I wish I had my ish together enough to send some random mail-love to my favorite people.

happymail6For $15/month, you get a$50 retail value of fun and colorful cards, tags, stickers, labels, notepads, and even a print! The gals put together a little video to show you everything you get.

As a person who does not collect cards or stationery or very much paper goods, I’m kind of excited to have this little collection to play with! It’s giving me a push to send someone a surprise. Who would you send a fun card to?


6 Comments on “You’ve got HAPPY MAIL!”

  • Ashley


    This is adorable, I love this!! I would send to my cousin, Jenna!!

    • TwinkieChan


      It’s too bad it’s too creepy to just mail letters to strangers hehhehe

  • i posted my po box for penpals and I send letters to friends and family in other states. I have a pen pal in Tennessee and another in Ireland. I have a small collection of stationary, this subscription could be dangerous!

  • Cadry


    What a fun idea! I am big mail lover, and this is so right up my alley. I’m going to go check it out!

  • Ahhh so cute! Of course, I have about a zillion paper supplies I already rarely use. But I’d still be super thrilled to get this! Hahaha

  • Sapphire


    This is seriously such a cute idea! :3

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