Today’s Tee!! Rude Candy Hearts from FASHLINdotcom.

SquareFashlinSoooo how about that time change!? I forgot how dark it gets now and all the photos I took today were super blurry. OOPS. I finally got this amazing tee from fASHLINdotcom on Etsy. It’s been in my Etsy faves for a while, and I finally went for it. I messaged Ashlin about sizing and found out she is also a really cool chick! Score! In case you were curious about sizing, I’m wearing a large (almost thought I had to get an XL cuz sometimes the cute tees for the girls are tiny!). I usually buy larges in juniors or American Apparel because I don’t like my armpits to feel squished, but I actually could have probably gotten this tee in a medium. Better slightly too big than slightly too small, that’s my (not very clever or interesting) motto!

6 Comments on “Today’s Tee!! Rude Candy Hearts from FASHLINdotcom.”

  • Ms. Megan


    LOVE this shirt!! you look so cute!! you have great taste 🙂

    • TwinkieChan


      Aw thanks, Megan, that’s very sweet! heheh

  • Fiona


    So awesome, cute and funny (triple threat shirt!)
    I agree that too big is way better than two small and those squished arms!

    • TwinkieChan


      There are some shirts I literally cannot even get my head thru!!!!!

  • Oh my! I need this shirt!

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