July Blog Sponsor Giveaway!

Giveaway July14

It’s the 15th of the month, so it’s time to launch a new blog sponsor giveaway! Thanks so much to my generous sponsors for offering us these wonderful goodies! One lucky winner will receive:

1. A super cute planet sticker-set from The Pink Samurai.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.37.45 PM

2. A copy of Betty Turbo‘s Funny Broads Pizza Party Coloring Book Zine! The funnest and funniest ladies have all gathered together and they want to have a pizza party with you! It will be the most legendary party of all time!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.41.07 PM3. A craymazing candy jewelry pack from Cicely Margo, which includes a Strawberry Pink Heart Pop ring, Neon Lemon Heart Lolly necklace, and Razzleberry Blue Gummy Bear necklace!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.46.39 PM

4. A yummy Sushi Clutch from A Little Geeky, made with organic cotton fabric and A Little Geeky’s original design!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.49.32 PM

5. A super sweet pink Scissors Necklace from Miss Alphabet!

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.52.25 PM

6. A 20 euros ($27) gift certificate to Petits Pixels‘ Etsy shop.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.55.09 PM


7. A Chibi My Little Pony Plush from Knit Kritters. Yours can be any of the Mane 6! Knit Kritters will also be vending at BronyCon, August 1 – 3, at booth #1104-A!


8. A fresh and summery greeting-card pack from Nellie Le! If you come visit me at Renegade Craft Fair this weekend at Fort Mason, I will also have some of Nellie’s greeting cards for sale.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 6.35.19 PM

Just follow the Rafflecopter widget below for all of your chances to win! (p.s If you are new to Rafflecopter and think it’s weird, I just ran into this hand dandy guide.)

Giveaway is open worldwide and will run for a week until next Tuesday night, July 22nd, at midnight PST.  Good luck! P.S. Please make sure my email address can get through your spam filters! twinkie@twinkiechan.com

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152 Comments on “July Blog Sponsor Giveaway!”

  • Grace


    I love the candy jewelry, as well as all of the little milk drops. Thanks for doing the giveaway, Twinkie! 🙂

  • Katzi


    I think I’m in love with the candy jewelry!! Holy moly it’s so pretty!! *__*

  • Melissa


    That Vlad the Volcano Amigurumi from Petits Pixels is adorable!

  • Lucy


    I love those cat stickers!

  • MsBittyKnacks


    Loving the candy jewelry!

  • Jenna O


    I love the sushi clutch 😛

  • Jessica


    Knit Kritters has a really cute Totoro amigurumi that I love! I’m also in love with the little cutie under #6… so adorable!!

  • Mello


    Candy jewerly!!!!

  • va


    i like the scissor necklace and the pizza book but everything is interesting and fun looking .

  • Heather Hart


    I ♡ the greeting cards!

  • Abby Davis


    I love that scissors necklace!

  • Ell


    I love Cicely Margo’s crane game necklace!

  • Amy


    Awesome giveaway! I love everything. 🙂

  • Alejandra Vera


    I love the sushi clutch!

  • maria


    So cute. 🙂

  • the candy jewelry pack from Cicely Margo, is amazing!!! i would wear the hell out of those!

  • Sabrina Williams


    Sooooooooooo cute! I love it!

  • I love a little geekery’s human eye earrings, they’re creepy but cool!

  • Cassandra


    I love the candy ring and necklaces! They are soooooo CUTE!!!!!

  • bita bahmani


    I adore the candy jewelry cuties<<<333

  • Susan


    I would love to win the giveaway. My granddaughters would think I was really cool!

  • Akaleistar


    Everything is so cute -especially the Chibi My Little Pony Plush!

  • Jaycene


    Ah so cute! I am in love with all of it – especially the little scissors 🙂 Good luck everyone! xx

  • Yasmine


    Candy Jewellry!!!!!!!!

  • Kristen


    The cat stickers are so cute 🙂 I might just buy some to share. The sushi clutch is so cute too !!! It’s like a cuteness overload

  • Sherry Lewandowski


    Everything on here is always so cute. It is also inspiring when I create my own projects!

  • Janet Weidner


    OMG!!!! Cute–Cute–Cute & MORE!!! Think I might be your oldest fan — guess I never grew up–I LOVE ALL of these GOODIES!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Vi


    I’m loving the candy jewelry!

  • Nina


    That purse is so cute!

  • Kitty Kaos


    All of these prizes are amazing as soon as I see zine I get excited xx

  • Kaylie


    The planet stickers from The Pink Samurai are adorable! They made me really REALLY want to enter this giveaway! 🙂

  • Mike


    Crocheted Gwenn from Petits Pixels

  • Elizabeth


    I always love the stuff from a little geeky but I also really like the summer stationary!

  • I loved the Cyclopette amigurumi dolls from PetitsPixels 😀

  • Bet


    Oh the real lookin candy jewelry and sushi purse

  • I can not believe the amazing stuff at Cicely Margo. The Crane Game necklace is by far my fave.

  • Kathy C


    I love fabrics, so A Little Geeky’s shop was a feast for my eyes. I think my favorite is the Ouija Board clutch. How many conversations would get started if you walked around with that?

  • Bianca


    My sister loves MLP.

  • angelarenee


    I love LOVE the super sweet pink Scissors Necklace from Miss Alphabet! so cute~~~!

  • I’d love to win! Everything would go in my daughter’s room, I can’t wait until she is born so I can dress her up in incredibly cute stuff!!!!

  • Corey


    That candy jewelry is sooo perfect!!

  • Andrea


    My favorite is the MLP chibi plush! It is so cute and made so lovely!

  • manuela


    Lovely giveaway as usual!!!!!

  • Nicola Urmenyi


    All amazing but I think the gummy bear necklace just wins. My daughter would love it (it’s her birthday today!)

  • Camilla


    I just fell in love with those cute planet stickers *AA*

  • Heather


    How fun what a great giveaway 🙂

  • doubletake


    omg, the candy jewelry is awesome!

  • Peggy


    Omg I love the candy jewelry!!!

  • Lana


    That cicely margo neon lemon lollipop necklace is boss. I’d wear that to all the punk shows.

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