Let’s check out KAWAII BOX!


Do you guys subscribe to any monthly goodie services? I’ve purchased Birchbox for my mom, and I currently subscribe to Graze cuz it’s snacks, and I know I’m gonna eat snacks! My buddies at Blippo.com now have a new, super cute, monthly subscription service called Kawaii Box! The service is $16.90 per month, and subscribers receive a box filled with hand-picked kawaii items from Japan and Korea. Boxes are shipped in the beginning of each month, and the shipping is absolutely free, anywhere on the planet! Each box includes 10-12 cute, original and licensed kawaii items. They asked if I would like to check out May’s box, and I said sure!

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 8.16.05 PM


Kawaii Box arrives from Hong Kong. I don’t normally do the “Here’s photos of me opening the box” reveals, because I don’t find that super interesting, but I was surprised to find a cute, hand-written note inside!


Here’s what all the goodies look like in the box.


Here’s what it looks like all spread out!


Let’s go in closer!

KB5“Burger”/Sandwich notepad and Hello Kitty strawberry phone charm (similar). You know me, I’m crazy about the sandwich notepad!


Panda nail clippers, Pearly cell phone sticker (similar), Heart & ribbon pen. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I am kind of weird about my nails, and I clip them ALL the time and keep a nail clipper in my crochet kit! I’m super duper excited about my lil panda clippers!


How cute are these woodland creature stickers?! They are a bit fuzzy/felty! And if a package has food in it, IT IS A WIN. Hello, strawberry Pocky! Snacks make me as happy as these plush ice cream cone charms!


Cupcake bracelet, Doughnut cable winder, lollipop ring. I am highly intrigued by this cord-winder!!!! The cupcake bracelet would be fun to stack with a bunch of other bracelets. The lollipop ring is really sweet. It is adjustable, but it still looks a bit small for an adult and perhaps intended for a child (hey, presents!!).


Lastly but not leastly, Totoro keychain! Mine is riding a little acorn, but he comes in different styles, and there’s also Catbus!

So after doing some rough math (since I couldn’t find all the exact items in the shop), the value of the Kawaii Box is about a $39-$40 value for the $16.90 you pay. That’s pretty cool, right?

So check out Kawaii Box! The June Box is a mystery…. I wonder what will be inside!

Kawaii Box on Facebook
Kawaii Box on Twitter

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 *Disclosure: This post was kindly sponsored by KawaiiBox.

20 Comments on “Let’s check out KAWAII BOX!”

  • Kady


    Very cute! I’ll have to look into this. I get a vegan snack box monthly from vegancuts.com and my 9 year old is looking into a nerdy things monthly box with video game/pop culture/comic stuff.
    I live this! All the things! Maybe if it had been something other than strawberry pocky though? Our video stores that sell anime, Asian food markets, and big chain grocery stores carry chocolate or strawberry pocky. I know they make jillions of other flavors. -shrugs- I want the June box though!! Thanks for sharing!

    • TwinkieChan


      I think I was just happy there was anything at all edible in the box! HAhahahaha!

  • Patricia


    I totally love that idea! I had a sandwich notepad like this, when I was a kid!!!

  • Fiona


    I love the free shipping and the variety of items – I probably would of gone crazy of the strawberry head hello kitty and the bread notepad!!

  • Hannah


    OMG TOTORO 😀 I needs one

  • Angel


    Oh my, I want it. Now to see if they shit to Canada. :]

    • Yadsiri


      Una pregunta es de tarjeta o dinero real ?? Tengo 11 años y la verdad si me gustaron mucho

  • Nora


    The scribbled out address is the best part! Wow, I sound like such a stalker!

  • Kieli


    Omgggggg what have you done xDDD Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been looking for a cute site like this to try! I just put in my subscription. 🙂

  • Becky


    O_O This is incredible!

  • Rebecca


    Thanks a lot. I went to look at the Totoro keychain and I’ve been sitting on Blippo for 20 minutes filling up my cart.

  • norma


    Oh my god the kawaii box ous goood the luck goooooooooood

  • Julieta


    Hello , I could desir would come out as the box in Argentina , or if not that country is where are these box please . I am using a translator to communicate to saver

    • TwinkieChan


      Hi, if you are interested in subscribing to KawaiiBox, you need to contact KawaiiBox, not me :). I don’t run it.

  • Luisa


    Hello, I have to know in how many time I can riceive my kawaiibox. Thanks

    • TwinkieChan


      HI, you would have to contact Kawaii Box directly. I don’t work for them. Thank you!

  • Lisa


    Hi, can I order just one box for my daughter right now but not subscribe because we would like to try it out and see if she likes it and plays with the items?

    • TwinkieChan


      Hi, you would have to contact Kawaii Box directly and ask. It’s not my company. I just help promote them 🙂

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