What happens when you watch too much “Alias” and “Chuck”?

You go on a spy mish! As I yelled at Hairy in the car, “I’m not an asset! I’m OPERATIONAL!” (And then a discussion about whether those are mutually exclusive.)

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.43.05 PMWe have a history of joking about and even executing silly missions. One day, I will tell the tale of how 10 of us kidnapped a friend, stuffed him in a limo blindfolded, and took him to Vegas about ten years ago, with lots of planning and meetings and spy suits and reconnaissance and dossiers and fake moustaches and underwear-stealing.

But on Sunday, my mish was pretty simple: spy on Manda and her coffee date. We had joked about it the night before, and Manda said that I would have to wear a wig to hide my pink hair. I have a few dark wigs from when I had to cover my hair for a very important family event in a foreign country, so I went with the one that looked the least beat up and gross, yet, still gross in its own wonderful way. I felt really self-conscious because I knew I looked like a  crazy lunatic in a wig, pretending to be a normal person, but Hairy said that I looked no less crazy than a person with pink hair…..

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 8.42.55 PMAs you can tell from all the annoying texts I sent Manda while drinking an Arnold Palmer and eating the brie plate, she and her date had canceled their plans. I first sent a text an hour before their alleged meet-up, but SHE WAS ASLEEEEEEEEEEEP/NAPPPING.

Screen shot 2014-01-05 at 7.29.20 PM


At least there was cheese.



6 Comments on “What happens when you watch too much “Alias” and “Chuck”?”

  • Lee


    One of my fav movies of all time: Hunt for the Red October.

  • em



  • Fiona


    aww that’s cute, I’m super nosy when it comes to my friend’s potential girlfriends/boyfriends. I’m always prying for information, I personally think though people love to spill the beans 😛

  • MaDonna


    you fruit!!

  • haha!
    ‘Are you murdered?’
    Love it!
    I think you look cute with the wig, although it’s strange seeing you without the pink
    Bet it felt weird!

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