My cupcake scarf pattern is free in Knitsy: Issue 4!

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.27.40 PMKnitsy  Issue 4 (for iPad and iPhone and soon Google Android) is out, and guess who is on the cover? I had no idea. It was a big  surprise!

This time, instead of an interview like I had in Issue 3, we are offering a crochet pattern for my cupcake scarf. If you already have my book, this pattern will be old news, but if you’ve been jonesing for the cupcake scarf and the cupcake scarf only, here’s your chance to check it out for free!

The one thing I totally forgot to add in the pattern is that Lion Brand Homespun in Cotton Candy Pink has been discontinued since my book was published. There are other Homespun colors, but the substitute I have been using myself is Cascade 128 Merino Superwash because it is a similar weight and comes in a yummy array of colors. It is, however, a bit spendy, running on average at $12.50 per hank. It’s a great option for people who like nice yarn and who like wool without the wool being itchy. I recently picked up a ball of Red Heart Snuggle Bunny in Kitten, but I haven’t worked with it yet. I just grabbed it because of the color and because if its boucle-ness!

Screen Shot 2013-10-08 at 8.27.57 PMThere’s TONS of other fun fibery goodness in Knitsy, so check it out!

4 Comments on “My cupcake scarf pattern is free in Knitsy: Issue 4!”

  • Yasmine


    Wow! So excited! I already have your book, but it’s still nice to see your patterns popping up all over the place! Well done!
    Issue 3, with the interview, still isn’t available on Google Play yet, humph…..:P 😛

    • TwinkieChan


      Yeah, I saw someone mention that on their FB page : /. I guess they are working on it, but the Apple stuff always seems to take the front seat!

  • MJ


    congrats pretty lady!

    • TwinkieChan


      Thanks so much!

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