Gummy Shark Scarf! New pattern in my Etsy shop!

GummyPatternModelCheck out the new pattern I just posted in my Etsy shop! Gummy Shark Scarf!

I had intended to post this up a few days earlier, during Shark Week, but I just started writing it and crocheting it on Monday night, and it took me longer than I thought it would to complete! Ah well! Now we’ll be extra prepared for next year!

I hope to also eventually write the pattern for a gummy candy scarf, so this is a nice start!

p.s. Sorry I didn’t feel like brushing my hair or putting on a cute outfit for this one……. it happens. How would you style your Gummy Shark scarf?

6 Comments on “Gummy Shark Scarf! New pattern in my Etsy shop!”

  • Fiona


    WHAT! this is so rad, even though I had to give up lollies (mega addict previously) I still stroll up and down the supermarket aisle’s and lovingly look at what I’m missing out on. I straight away knew they were those gummy sharks were when I saw your picture, you’re super clever 🙂

    • TwinkieChan


      Thanks, Fiona!!! I actually don’t really like eating a lot of candy…. I’m more about COOKIES!!! But I LOVE how candy LOOOKS!

  • Yasmine



  • Danielle


    Fantastic! And whatevs, you look cute as heck in that picture!

  • you always look as cute as an 80s puffy sticker! 😛
    the scarf is TDF!

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