Y.A.P. Time!!!! Yarn Appreciate Post: Let’s talk color!

YAP baner round

I’ve been trying to think of a fun title for yarn-related posts. “Yarn Appreciation Post” came from @bunnycartoon on Twitter, and I liked it because of the acronym: YAP. YAP, yapping about yarn. YAP Time it is!

So, I’ve been working on some new secret Yummy You! collab projects, and I’m always really picky about my colors and their exact shades and saturations. This is going to sound lame, but I am very aware of the … connotation of color … what feelings a certain shade evokes and what I think it SAYS to me.

I wanted to share some of my thoughts on yarn color with you, even though it will be kinda messed up because (a) it can be hard to shoot/edit the colors exactly the way I see them, and (b) all our monitors will interpret them differently, stupid monitors! But at least you can get a taste for what goes on in my head and also check out some of the brands I use most. Links to where you can purchase yarn are at the bottom of the whole post.

Please remember, this is NOT comprehensive. I also use other colors/brands, but these are what I grabbed first from my stash. I also try to stick with using yarns that are fairly inexpensive and accessible to all of us (I can’t have the materials cost alone of a scarf be $50+), and I personally prefer acrylics because (a) a good acrylic is soft, and I am very sensitive to animal fibers being itchy, even some merinos, (b) many plant fibers don’t have the right feel for my projects, like cotton often feeling stiff, or bamboo often feeling too floppy. I also like a huge color range in a worsted weight on the heavy side, so you can see how I can get really picky about things! Okay, on with the color!

YarnPinkA good pink is sometimes hard to find. F’reals. I like my pinks saturated and true. I don’t like when pinks have too much gray in them, or if they appear bleached out and funky. I need pink with verve! Remember Lion Brand Homespun in Cotton Candy! YUM! Too bad it’s gone forever. BOO!

From left to right: 1. Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted in Baby Pink 2. Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Pink 3. Red Heart Super Saver in Perfect Pink 4. Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Baby in Pink Poodle.

#1 is a pretty good go-to. I like the pinky shade, it’s a good weight for me (worsted, on the heavy side), and it’s not too spendy. It has a slight sheen, and I’m not personally a huge fan of sheen, but it’s more subtle than, say, Red Heart Soft. The color makes up for any of my sheen issues. The color screams STRAWBERRY FROSTING. #2 sort of has that washed out, grayish tone I referred to. I am a huge fan of Vanna’s Choice, but they need to step up the saturation on the pinks. I feel the same about #4. It’s almost there, as a more dark-medium pink, but it just has a hint of that gray undertone that sometimes puts me off. A close color that I prefer over it is Cascade 220 in Cotton Candy (not pictured, doh! they would probably look the same on camera, tho). #3 I really love, color-wise, as a perfectly saturated medium-pink. It is definitely a bit bulkier than the others, and it produces a stiffer fabric the way I crochet, and it has that slight Red Heart scratchiness that we all wish didn’t exist, but the color is really delicious, and I use this yarn a lot on non-wearable items like cozies or even hair pieces.  Just nothing close-to-the-skin.

YarnOrangeCome to think of it, a good orange is also hard to find sometimes when it comes to the big box stores. I can see how orange may be a less popular color with regard to sweaters and wearables, but I need a good pop of orange for my food-related work!

From left to right: 1. Sugar n Cream in Hot Orange 2. Knit Picks Brava worsted in Orange 3. Red Heart Super Saver in Pumpkin 4. Plymouth Encore Worsted in 1383 Bright Orange.

I have #1 because it’s easily accessible, but it’s REALLY bright, like unnaturally bright, which is not really evident in my photo. I also have the thing where I don’t love working in most cottons, at least the ones I’ve tried so far. #3 is also easily accessible, and I do love the color which has a lot of yellow undertone in it, but I would only use it for accents on wearable items, as it is a bit scratchy. I found #4 next, at my LYS. It’s slightly darker than the other two, and also a lighter weight (though still worsted). Being really sensitive to wool, I can still feel its 25% wool content on my neck, but I think it’s totally fine for hands and head. I recently acquired #2. It’s a shade lighter than #3 and not as neon as #1. It’s almost TOO mellow for me, but the Brava worsted is really soft and just about the right weight for me (it’s almost like Vanna’s Choice but a smidge lighter). I recently ordered a Vanna’s Choice orange that I’m interested see in person! There are some newer shades over there I didn’t know about, mainly the “Radiant” line, Radiant Orange, Radiant Yellow, Radiant Lime.


There is a real dearth of bright, cheery, warm yellows at the big box stores. My local LYS Imagiknit has also expressed that I am like the only person who walks in there and wants to buy 6 skeins of bright yellow Plymouth Encore worsted. What else are we supposed to use for crocheted egg yolks!? JEEZ!

From left to right: 1. Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted in Lemon 2. Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Canary 3. Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Baby in Duckie.

There is a big gap in my photo, which is the aforementioned Plymouth Encore Worsted in 1382 Bright Yellow. This was really my go-to for the longest time, because it is a really nice golden, yolky yellow, that’s kind of like a mix of #2 and #3. I am all out of it right now and waiting for an order to come in, so that’s why it’s missing! I just bought #1 and really like it. It’s a smidge on the neon side as far as colors for food, but it’s super happy and saturated with color, without a hint of tan or peach or anything. #2 is also a lovely yellow, but it does have some reddish undertones in it that can sometimes put me off for certain projects, but I still use it and like it a lot. #3 is the only one on the list that you can get at big box stores, but it is definitely not as bright as the other two and nearly falls in the pastel category. It’ll do in a pinch, though.


I love green yarn! And there usually are pretty decent greens available everywhere. I tend to stick with yellow-toned, crisp, saturated, vegetable greens, natch!

From left to right: 1. Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted in Neon Green 2. Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in Fern 3. Cascade 220 in 7814 Chartreuse 4. Malabrigo worsted in Sapphire Green

I just got #1 and it’s just SUPER BRIGHT and makes me happy, although I haven’t used it for anything yet, as it is a truly screaming bright green.  Missing in the photo is Deborah Norville in Kiwi, which is a delightful, yellow-based green that I am currently very into. I use #2 a lot, but it is not as fully saturated with color as I would prefer in a perfect world. Its great advantage is that I can get it at a big box store, and it still looks nice. #3 I like to use a lot when I need a lighter weight for accents, like lettuce ruffles on a cheeseburger mitt. The color is beautiful and rich and veggietastic, but since it’s 100% wool, I would not use it for a whole scarf myself. #4 is the king. If you have not touched Malabrigo wool, you are missing out big time. IT IS SO SOFT. WOOL. SO SOFT. It is spendy, though, so I try not to use it all the time, but it’s really one of my all-time favorite yarns and colors.


From left to right: 1. Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Baby in Mint 2. Plymouth Encore Worsted in 1201 Pale Green 3. Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in 1942 Mint, Red Heart Classic in Mist Green

#1 is an absolute go-to for me. The color is lovely, the weight is perfect, and I can get it at a big box store. I could call it a day with that one. I recently discovered and purchased $4. It’s very saturated and has bluer tones than #1. It’s a truly delicious color, kind of like the mint Jelly Belly. Although it’s marked at the same weight as Red Heart Super Saver, it seems thinner to me, so combining it with other Super Saver projects might be weird. I’ll report more on that later! #2 is very pretty and soft, and while researching info on it, I ran into 0473 Aquarius which I need to order and check out immediately!!! Again, Encore worsted is lovely and has lots of colors, but sometimes it is on the light side, and sometimes slightly itchy side for me for close-to-the-skin projects, or rather, close-to-the-neck. #3 has frankly just been kinda sitting around on my shelves, unused. But it’s so pretty! It’s very close in shade to #2, just a bit more yellow and kind of like the baby sister to #1. Cascade 220 superwash is merino wool and therefore actually soft, as opposed to its regular Cascade 220, which I mentioned before was a bit too woolly for me. The thing with the Superwash is that this one is sport weight, and that’s not a weight I use a lot in my work. Oh! This just in! I opened up a box of yarn, and Deborah Norville Everday Soft Worsted in Glass is a gorgeous mint, almost exactly the same shade as #4 (bluer mint) and super soft. Great find!

yarn blueMy favorite blues are what I refer to as the candy blues, medium tones with a lot of cyan. I am really not a fan of powder blue or navy blue in my work. Sometimes the navy sneaks in, for like, a blueberry pie tissue box cozy, but I usually stick with the candy blues.

From left to right: 1. Red Heart Super Saver in Aruba Sea 2. Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice Baby in Aqua 3. Red Heart Soft in Turquoise, Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted in Azure

Even with the scratchy issues I have with #1, I love the color and use it a lot in non-wearable items. It’s light and has a lot of green in the blue which I find zingy and sweet. #2 is a definite go-to for me. It is closer to baby blue than #1, but still has enough aqua in it to be delicious. #3 is a great blue, definitely darker and brighter than the previous two. The sheen on Red Heart Soft is not always my favorite, but that’s just a really personal thing. #4 is really close to #3 in color, perhaps sliiiiiighlyt more green/yellow/warm, but pretty much spot on, with the only real difference being that it’s slightly less shiny than #3, and also a bit thicker in weight. I just picked it up recently and really like it.

Okay, that was probably really boring for all the non-yarn people, but I sure had fun! I’ll try to incorporate more yarny adventures here in the future.

If you are an indie yarn brand and would like to sponsor a spotlight/review on my blog, just send me an email! twinkie at twinkiechan dot com!


Cascade 220 at Jimmy Beans Wool, PurlSoho, lots of places onlines
Deborah Norville Everyday Soft Worsted Also at JoAnn Fabrics online.
Knit Picks Brava Worsted
Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice I also by this at Michaels and Beverly’s.
Malabrigo worsted at Jimmy Beans Wool, Eat Sleep Knit
Plymouth Encore Worsted at Jimmy Beans Wool I also buy this from my LYS, Imagiknit
Red Heart Super Saver , Red Heart Soft Also available at JoAnn, Michaels, Beverly’s, my Walgreens, lots of places!
Sugar n Cream store locator, also available at Michaels, JoAnn, Beverly’s, etc.

21 Comments on “Y.A.P. Time!!!! Yarn Appreciate Post: Let’s talk color!”

  • kirsty peacock


    wish we could get those yarns in the UK! personally i love stylecraft but its almost impossible to get the right colours for anything! their pinks are pretty good though!

    • Yasmine


      I agree, I just bought some stylecraft skeins (althought the Fondant shade nauseates me slightly!) today for my biscotti scarf.
      I’m testing Parchment+Camel and Cream+Camel to test which looks more toast-y!
      I do look like the range of colours provided by stylecraft but sometimes I do wish we had an outlet that stocked brands like Vanna’s Choice and Red Heart ’cause I wouldn’t mind paying a little extra for the real deal!

  • Leah


    Girrrlllll… it’s like you’re inside my head. Talk nerdy to me! <3

    • TwinkieChan


      😛 more nerdy yarn talk soon!

  • Tia


    LOVED this color insight and the details you shared. I also really appreciated you sharing yarn brand names. That helps those of us who don’t have easy access to LYS’s and have to rely on big box stores.

    • TwinkieChan


      Yeah, depending on the project or the audience…. I really don’t feel any snobbery about the big box stores, and there’s lots of good stuff there!

  • Vanessa


    So, I know that there are a lot of issues that people have with Hobby Lobby, but I really like the softness and the colors I can get in I Love This Yarn. Jellybean is a really saturated Kelly green that I use a lot, and their Orangeade is a hunter orange that is really poppy. However, it does get a bit fuzzy after a bit, especially if it is worked and unworked a bit. Also, do not trust fabric from Hobby Lobby. Especially on a quilt or anything with narrow hems!

    • TwinkieChan


      one of my crochet elves sent me a photo of something she made with I Love This Yarn, and I was very intrigued! But when I went on the website, they didn’t have the colors available (out of stock) that I wanted to try, so I sort of dropped the idea of buying some for a while. I wish I had a convenient Hobby Lobby! There is one about 40-50 miles from me, so maybe I have to make a point of making a trek out there one day!

  • This is an awesome post!! I love reading about your color theory and seeing these side-by-side. You get it … this was such a fun read.

  • Erika


    I have a colorful soft suggestion!

    Do you have a Hobby Lobby near you? I like Red Heart for the colors too, but Hobby Lobby’s own brand “I Love This Yarn” is a phenomenal replacement for RH! The skein is about the same size, its acrylic and OMG soft, where RH is not. I can get it regular price for $3.99, if you have ever handled Red Heart’s “Love” yarn then you already know how Hobby Lobby “I Love this Yarn” in acrylic will feel! I hope that helps, I have wanted to say it before, but wasn’t sure how to present it to you, and this post gave me a great opening.


  • Fiona


    I don’t cochet and I can only badly knit a scarf but seeing all these colourful yarns makes me happy! It’s kind of like eating candy but for your eyes!

    • TwinkieChan


      YES I agree. It just looks pretty! Hehehhe

  • I love this! I might be doing a YAP on my blog today too. It sounds like fun 😀

  • Crystal


    I was a micheals girl and ex employee at one point for years,but I prefer the stock at hobby lobby. I wish the prices were more like Walmart but hobby lobby has a HUGE section of yarn choices here compared to micheals,as for Walmart It’s a one stop shop if I have to buy food and yarn :-). Buuuut micheals is my first stop for everything else crafty then Joann’s. in a perfect world I would wish all if the above stores would be in one parking lot.

  • I don’t really have a Hobby Lobby convenient to me. It’s over an hour drive away. I was going to order some online once, but they didn’t have all the colors I wanted for my particular project. One day, I’ll make the journey!

  • pat cooper


    Have you tried any of the Bernat yarns – I find their acrylics nice and soft and I like the colrs better than Vanna’s choice. Thanks for the “eye candy” great things to think about.

  • Skerrington


    I’m not usually a fan of cotton yarns either, but have you tried Debbie Bliss Cotton? It’s very soft, and has pretty colors.

  • Gabby


    I know this is old but I thought I might put my two cents in! I really love your posts on yarn, one of my favorite go toos is Hobby Lobby’s store brand “I Love This Yarn/Cotton/Wool.” They are all quite soft, softest acrylic I’ve found yet, and come in a super extended rainbow of color!!! It’s very cheap, a dollar more than Super Saver for the same amount. And it’s on the thick side, which I like as well. ^^

    • TwinkieChan


      Hi! I’m always happy to hear two cents :). I’ve been wanting to try I Love This Yarn, but there is not a convenient Hobby Lobby near me. It would be a little trek. And the colors I wanted to try were not all available online. Maybe they are now. I should look!

  • Cheryl


    I know I’m a bit late to the game, but this is wonderful post! Can you continue this series?? I’d really like to know what other colours you prefer for reds, purples, and browns too.

    • TwinkieChan


      I’m glad you liked the post! I kind of forgot that I ever did this ….

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