“Your finger control is amazing.” Me, on DrawSomething

Soooooo, I am really really late to the game, but I just started playing DrawSomething.

When it was popular, I refused to play it, because it seemed time-consuming and like I might get addicted to it. I’m not big on video games or apps or stuff like that, because I think people end up with their eyeballs constantly glued to their phones or computers or whatever.

But for reasons I won’t discuss yet (or ever… we’ll see what happens!), I started playing a few weeks ago for research. I was immediately frustrated because I have terrible finger-control, and I couldn’t let go how of HOW AWFUL my drawings were!

But then Manda agreed to play around on it with me, and it became fun. It’s actually a nice way to relax my brain for like 3 minutes and then go back to my business.

When I was in college, I kept a sketch journal. I always made myself sketch something for only 5 minutes, once a day. 5 minutes, only. But every day. I preferred to use pencil and crayon (sounds classy, right?). I’m so not an artist, but at that point, I really liked making myself use my brain differently for a little bit. I’ll scan some images from the journal when I remember to!

I have forgotten to save some of my most excellent DrawSomething work (sarcasm!), but here is a small sample of what I happened to catch.






This random person I play with, “Julia S.,” is actually pretty good. I messaged her once and was like, “Your finger control is amazing. Do you use a stylus?” and she responded, “Nope, just my finger!” And then we never messaged again, and just kept playing. I feel creepy now.

4 Comments on ““Your finger control is amazing.” Me, on DrawSomething”

  • kimmi


    I gave up on this game so fast last year. Everyone kept making fun of my drawings that i thought made tons of sense!!

  • LoulaBelle


    I play this on my kindle sometimes, what’s your user name n I’ll draw with you 🙂

    • TwinkieChan


      twinkiechan 🙂

      • LoulaBelle


        Thanks, I sent you a drawing 😀

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