Yummy You!, mashed potato hats, and baby steps – at Glimmerwood!

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My buddy Cassie Wanda has started a crafty blog called Glimmerwood to keep track of her crafty adventures and to interview other crafters and inspire others. Check out her interview with me here! We talk about past, present, and future stuff!

4 Comments on “Yummy You!, mashed potato hats, and baby steps – at Glimmerwood!”

  • oh poo bear! it wont load – but ill keep trying and as soon as it does ill be on it! 🙂 im following her on instagram!

  • Rini Sapphire


    What a great interview ^_^ It’s fun reading these – I hope you have fun with them, too 😀

    And those of us fans really appreciate it when you can reply to us 🙂 I know you’re super busy and stuff!

  • Danielle


    Awesome interview, I loved it!

    • TwinkieChan


      Aw, thanks, Miss Dee!

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