Housekeeping, so to speak.

Oh gosh. Sorry I haven’t blogged for a bit. I have been busy doing a bunch of stuff that doesn’t make for very interesting blogging or photos since it all kinda has to stay under wraps for now.

Some secret stuff:

– I just submitted fresh new art for Yummy You! 2013-2014 school planners. Stay tuned for that! I’m hoping we can stock them in our online shop!

– I just agreed to contribute a new pattern a super top secret book project with a deadline before the end of January. I gotta get crackin’ on that after I…

– Finish and submit my TWO new patterns for February for

– There are also some super top secret exciting Yummy You! collaborations I have in the works with other fun brands.

– I’m taking a quick trip to L.A. next week for a dream meeting. I hope one day I’ll be able to announce something from that.

So the only visual I can share right this second is this:

Screen shot 2013-01-06 at 3.05.42 AM

Manda and Hairy’s birthdays are a day apart and this week! Manda chose an afternoon of archery for her bday activity, and Hairy chose bowling. Are we so old and nerdy or what!!!

Anyway, it was clearly important for me to carefully and thoughtfully create some professional-looking graphics to accompany their Facebook events.

I know you didn’t want to miss out on this work of photoshop genius.


3 Comments on “Housekeeping, so to speak.”

  • Katie


    I’m the painting instructor at one of the local michaels in my area and I am going to harass the pants off of our knitting instructor to teach your pattern.

  • Yasmine


    TWO new patterns?!?!?!?!?! EEK…SO EXCITED!!!!!!!

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