More Crafty Totes!


Hairy dug up a few more glittery heart Crafty Tote Bags in natural color, so I put them in my shop. The first round of pink totes sold out super quickly, so I ordered a bunch more blanks in both pink and natural, and now I’m just waiting for Hairy to print them again. Tell him to hurry up! 😛

I’m waiting for a few more fun supplies to come in before being able to make my Halloween shop update, so sit tight!

3 Comments on “More Crafty Totes!”

  • Michelle


    I love that tote! I’m totally getting a pink one once you put them in your shop again.

    My blog:

    • TwinkieChan


      I never knew if people would prefer pink or natural, but it looks like pink is waaay more popular! 😀

  • Neko


    Oie! They are so cute! Hopefully I can snag a pink one when you put them back up! ^.^

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