Let’s talk bizness! Launch. Grow. Joy.

On Monday, I was the Featured Entrepreneur at Launch.Grow.Joy , a cool website for entrepreneurs who want to read other business-owners’ stories and learn neat tips about how to improve your product-based business. Honestly, at first I thought the site was going to be stuffy and business-y and not for me, but I really like the site and already learned a thing or two! Please do check it out!

2 Comments on “Let’s talk bizness! Launch. Grow. Joy.”

  • Lauren K.


    congrats on your feature twinkie!! I too sent in the interview questions last night, and hopefully mine will come up soon, thanks for posting this, maybe this will help me get more word of my biz out there! have a great day!!
    Lauren 🙂

  • cupcake


    Loved the interview! And that website seems helpful. Already learned something from you! :]

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