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So for the past few days, I have been battling a cold! This is a bummer because not only do I feel like crap, but I am also really unproductive, which makes me feel crappier!!

It started off with a sore throat, which I got rid of in about 24 hours. Then I had one healthy-ish day, and then all heck broke loose and now I have the cough from Hades, the one kind of cough I always dread, this kind of cough I get where coughs are triggered by a sensation at the back of my throat kind of like a coarse hair poking me, or like, the rough side of the Velcro, or a pin prick. If it’s persistent, I get caught in a very embarrassing cycle of coughing, choking, gagging, heaving, crying, and snotting. Needless to say, I have not been leaving the house, except, tonight, I had to go out and buy cough meds, since my all day course of hot water, lemon, apple cider vinegar, honey, and cayenne pepper, weren’t really helping, even though I’ve gone pee like a million times.

Anyway, I know you are like, “Just go to the doctor!” Well, the last time I went to the doctor, he told me that the hairy sensation was the little hairs on the back of my throat growing back from being coughed away. It sounded like a big bunch of hooey to me, and he sent me home with codeine cough syrup that didn’t do anything at all. So that’s why I gave the hot water, lemon, etc stuff a try today. Usually, over the counter stuff doesn’t do anything for me either, at least as far as getting some sleep.

I’ve also resorted to window-shipping therapy, and maybe some actual purchases : /. Let’s look at some fun shoes!

The first three pair are from ModCloth and the rest are from YesStyle.

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  • Claudieboo


    Awesome shoes.. I need some decent quirky flats for work, always have trouble finding them though. haha!!

    Hope your cough does one soon for you, and you feel better and back to your yummy self again VERY soon!! 🙂

    • Thank yooooo! 🙂
      YesStyle has so many shoes to choose from, but the shipping is pretty spendy. Nothing like the free shipping from sites like Zappos!

  • jacci


    feel better friend 🙂

    and try some maple syrup, it really soothes a nasty cough.

    • Thank you!! Is it very different than honey? I’ve had soooo much honey!

  • Maleikie


    Oh my gosh, i love the flat ones with the polkadot bows!

    • My friend Shannie showed me those!

  • Michelle


    Love the open-toe reds and the bad girl Dorothy heels. I have the second pair–wore them when I went as Austin Powers’s girlfriend for Halloween. Wiped out in them about 2 minutes after I put them on. So I was Austin Powers’s gimp. But a hot gimp. Ok, not hot, just bleeding. Sort of rambling. Rambling and procrastinating. Stream of consciousness.


    Feel better!!

    • Wipe out shoes are a bummer! I bought some pink platform converse-type shoes that get blogged a lot and I totally will not wear them out of the house. I find them really unstable even though it’s basically a straight across platform!

  • Nikki G


    I use to work at a doctor surgery and they told me they can’t really do anything, cold and flu stuff just mask the simptoms but the only thing that will help a cold is rest and time.

    • I think I am ok with just masking the symptoms so I don’t feel so horrid! 😛

  • Lauren K.


    awww I’m sorry you’re sick twinkie! I know what you mean, I just got over bronchitis and you can get some pretty nasty coughing with that…just plenty of fluids and rest is all one can do, nice shoe searching btw, like the purple ones the best! I have been blowing money away online this past week while sick, haha shopping makes me feel so much better! I am expecting some cool cabochons to make jewelry with to post on my shop, some necklaces, and a couple of hairbows! hehe… well hope you get well soon!!!
    Lauren 🙂

  • Bailey


    Yikes! That sucks. Yeah, nuts to doctors! I find that the best thing for being sick is extra pillows, cartoons, and either a puppy or a kitty–for moral support and cuddling. The puppy/kitty isn’t like, a folk remedy or something.

    Feel better soon!


  • Amy Bryan


    Twinkie, I’m so sorry about your cough. I had bronchitis and a double ear infection for a large part of January; I’m still not “up to speed”. Like everyone says, rest and fluids. My hubby got me several yummy teas at teavana and those “cool touch” kleenex are awesome. I hope you are better very soon!
    The HL red wedge and the last ones with the massive bows are my favorites….thank goodness for online shopping/browsing!

  • Silly girl you need anti-biotics to get better faster, but I’m bad about going to the doctor too. Hope you feel better soon, but don’t be surprised if you have a productive cough for 1 month after your cold goes away, it’s been going around here in SoCal since December

  • Chivahn


    Omg those 4th shoes. I can’t find them on the site and I need them!

  • Gawd, I get that horrible hacking cough too – it’s awful!!!

    I don’t ever take medicine – but honey is great (with a bit of tumeric added!), and chilli – lots of chilli 😉

  • Caz


    Hope you are feeling better soon!! oooo shoes, I LOVE shoes |:-D

  • Maggi


    Super cute shoes, all of them! I hope you feel better soon!

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