WIWT: My funny bunny shoes!

I bought these shoes in Hong Kong. I think they were in this mall on the Kowloon side called “Trendy Place,” but I can’t remember for sure. They were a bit small, but the lady tried to stretch them for me while we shopped. They were on sale for like $30 USD.

I can’t say that I love the outfit I wore them with…but I am still figuring out how to make them work in my wardrobe hehehehe. I feel really comfortable in platform shoes that have an angle, but I feel like platforms that are just one big sponge of equal height make me feel like I’m waddling when I walk. I can’t really explain it, but it’s one of the reasons I avoided flats for a very long time. I spent most of the early 2000’s about 3-4 inches taller than my normal self every day.

Sorry for the lack of blogging! I have been living in a bit of a boring black hole lately, just trying to wrap up projects on my to-do list, plan for Valentine’s Day items, and avoid taxes and accounting (can’t do that for much longer, though). I also spent a few days working on a super cute but super TOP SECRET project for a friend. I can’t wait to show you pics of that. Oh you are gonna love it. But it can’t be revealed yet for a few weeks!

14 Comments on “WIWT: My funny bunny shoes!”

  • cupcake


    Oh my gosh, totally in love with those shoes! I’ve never worn platforms before, they look uncomfortable, but maybe I’ll have to dash that fear.

    P.S. boo taxes! :[

    • I think it really depends on the platform! Some of them make you feel really wobbly and unstable, but some are perfectly comfortable!

  • Cate


    I love those shoes, I haven’t worn platforms since my Spice Girl days. I was thinking of getting a pair but I don’t really wear completely flat shoes most of my shoes, even my comfy shoes, have an angle so it might take some practice to walk in them LOL xoxo

    • It’s always nice when the toe area has some kind of roll or angle, so you’re not clomping around like Frankenstein!

  • Ellyssa


    oooh top secret project!! Can’t wait to see it, those shoes are adorable and so r u! πŸ˜€

    • I have this feeling I will never wear them!

  • Definitely looking forward to all that’s coming in the New Year!! You’ve made such an empire for yourself, and I just cannot believe how much you’ve grown in even just the last year!! You continue to be quite the inspiration! β™₯

    • Aw, thanks, Jenny! It’s actually been a hard year, and frustrating, business-wise. Hope this one is better!

  • Amy


    Can’t seem to see the photo πŸ™ But they sound epic cute!!!

    • Hmmm that’s weird!! Maybe Flickr was being weird for the moment you tried to see the photo!

  • Those are seriously the cutest shoes I’ve ever seen. I wish I could hop a plane to Hong Kong and get a pair for my little sis. She would pretty much die.

    • I keep thinking about selling them. Not sure I’ll actually wear them enough to justify keeping them, but I’ll give it a few months!

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