Sweet Streets group exhibition co-curated by Spank!

Last weekend, Hairy and I drove down to L.A. to attend the opening night of the Sweet Streets group exhibition, co-curated by Spank! I am kind of going out of my mind trying to put together a fun Black Friday sale for y’all, plus I’m leaving for a 2-week vacay in less than a week! But I could not pass up a chance to shop at the Spank! x Chubby Bunny pop up shop, and make-a the gross face with Shrinkle.

Some links to check out with more photos!
LA Weekly
Jessi Jae Joplin’s Buzznet blog
Anz Falcon’s blog (There’s a photo of me in there where I think my expression exudes, “I ate too much mac n cheese and I need to go take my tights off.”)
tadatime on Flickr

Ok, now my photos!

The cutest art ever by Bei Badgirl

I dunno who the artist is, but I LOVE IT.

Ok, someone emailed me and told the artist is Markiii!

So, I didn’t really get photos of artz. But the sites I linked you to have lots!

Checkout Shrinkle executing “pretty feet.” I tried to copy her later, but I don’t think I was doin’ it right.

Ummm ok, so I have loved Spank! and have admired Tavuchi for years. I’m pumped to have met her and taken a picture with her!

Me and Shannie, who was a model in the fashion show! I think I still never blogged much about my trips to Portland and Seattle last year for my book tour, but we hung out with Shannie in Portland and made donut love.

Ok … I esplain. I wanted to take a photo with Steph/zilla308, and she was like, “Let’s take a photo in the photobooth,” and she was also like, “I wanna take prom photos!” But I don’t think we actually knew what that would entail. Also embarrassing is that the photobooth was in front of the line for the pop up shop, so everyone gets to watch you be stupid!

Me: “Sorry my hands are sweaty.” I’m the sexiest prom date ever.

Ok these photos are stolen from Miss Alphabet. Here’s me, her, and Maria from Locketship. (Remember, you can still buy the crochet painting I created for Locketship’s anniversary here in their shop!)

Me and Mr. Locketship!

Feels like a good photo for an outfit rundown:
-Shirt: from Etsy
-Skirt: from Material Girl! Yes, it’s a line for teenagers, and yes, I had to buy XL so my butt could fit in it! I need to take in the waist, tho!
-Tights: Celeste Stein
-Socks: Sock Dreams
-Shoes: my trusty, everyday Demonia Sprites
-Fannypack: Fancypack by CarrotCake!
-Cookie pin: by me!
-Heart necklace: Cicely Margo
-Hair pieces: I took YumYums coin purses from Strapya World and glued hair clips onto them. This one lady was like, “Are those zippers in your hair clips?” and I was like, “Yeah, they are actually coin purses that I glued hair clips to,” and she was like, “Oh, that seems like a good place for them.” …….

p.s. how DREAMY is the photobooth/photo back drop!?!??! So inspired to do something like this for the headboard I never bought!

I stoled these last two from Jessi.

Me and Lady Locketship and Jessi.

Me and Maria again. We kind of hid by this door for a long time, people watching, and lizard watching. One lady had a live lizard on a leash sitting on her shoulder! My thought was: is the loud music bad for the lizard? Hairy’s thought was: what if the lizard has a poo on the lady?

And here is my little video! It’s not great video of the fashion show, but you get to see what I saw from my perspective!

17 Comments on “Sweet Streets group exhibition co-curated by Spank!”

  • Tatiana


    That fanny pack is adorable! I just bought one to wear at Renegade next month. I’ve never been so excited to wear a fanny pack! 😛

  • Good to see you! Sorry my pics are so blurry ><

  • Thanks for the awesome post, Twinkie!! I am working on getting my photos up asap but it’s been so busy! Looove love the video you took!! Look at you with your editing skills! =D

  • How cool to see so many colourful people in one place – AWESOME!! 😀

  • AHHHH! I was so happy I got to meet you and give you a hug ^___^ I have lots of pics on my flickr, wish I got one with you 🙁 but it was loads of fun!!!!

  • Jules Chan


    Cute pics, nice hair color : )

  • Lauren K.


    wow! cool pictures twinkie! looks like you had a great time! love the outfit too! you just have the cutest coolest style! enjoy your 2 week time off!

  • I wish I could have been there! Looks like so much fun!! MARKii’s work is so amazing, too- reminds me of Lisa Frank 🙂

  • Did you know that Atomic Pink hair dye glows under a black light?

    • Yes! But I don’t have a lot of Atomic PInk in my hair anymore. We’ve been playing with Cupcake Pink with just a smidge of Atomic 🙂

      • Cupcake Pink also glows under a blacklight!

  • Wow, I love that artwork!
    Everyone looks amazing as usual.
    Will you be attending the Rune Boutique event?

    • Hi! Unfortunately, I can’t! I’ll still be in Asia 🙁

  • Ana


    Ok, I now officially have my favourite Shrinkle photo – the one with the faces 😀 !

  • Meeow


    You all look gorgeous as ever <3
    Love the works of bei badgirl … and I looooove your Alf-shirt – me and also my boyfriend would kill for this shirt 😀 it's great!!! 😀

    Greetings from Germany 😉

    Meeow from CATastrophesandCATacombs 😉

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