Noriega Street Block Party! (video)


Manda and I had a lot of fun on Saturday, vending at the Noriega Street Block Party. I rarely do craft events, but now that I have enlisted a bit more crochet help, I hope to do more. I was not really prepared for vending outdoors, since I am used to large indoor venues for Renegade or Bazaar Bizarre, so having a tent/canopy never even occurred to me! At first I was afraid it was going to rain, and then for the rest of the day, it was super sunny! My shoulders got burnt a little, but luckily, my table neighbor (and the woman who invited me to participate in the event) Jenny of SF Knitting Supply happened to be selling skincare products and let us sample her SPF lotion!


Since I haven’t really made an event video lately, I decided it was my mission to capture the day on video, so I didn’t really take many photos, except for the one above with my buddy Logan! We met and chatted with lots of interesting people, and we also delighted many CHILDRENS! I love that children gravitate toward my goodies, but my big hope is to capture this kind of child-like glee inside grownups, too!


Hope you enjoy the video! I will be posting leftovers on Etsy in the next few days :). I sold out of jack-o-lantern mitts, but I think we’ll have a few more to post up, too. I am thinking if the jack-o-lantern items are popular, I’ll do some pre-orders to ship by Oct 20. We’ll see how it goes!


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  • Nicole


    I wish I lived in california, I would’ve done anything to go!!

    • I keep saying I should do an event in NY at some point. Maybe 2012! It’s just so expensive to travel for craft fairs!

  • Emily


    Everything looks so great.
    I wish we had block party stall things here, looks like fun!

    • I guess you could always try to start one up! That sounds hard, tho!

  • Janna Lynn


    Omygosh…it looks like you two had a blast! I agree…hula hooping is too suggestive! Ha ha! I’m still chuckling about the creeper comment. 🙂 I always love your videos, they make me grin foreva! I would definitely come squeeeing to your table if I had been there…and I’m a wicked old adult with only dogs and one kitty as children. Love it! Hearts, Janna Lynn

    • This one lady came by and was like, “No offense, but your stuff is really BAD.” I was kind of dumbfounded because…. how can you not be offended when someone says your stuff is “bad.” So I kind of ignored her. She went further, “I don’t mean to be insulting, but your stuff is just so obnoxious!” For a while I thought she was drunk or heavily medicated. Then she bought a bunch of stuff, for other people. I guess the story turned out ok 😛

  • Annais


    1st of all I love how we both use our plasticland heart mirrors for craft shows, lol!

    2nd, I too understand wanting childlike adults to buy from me. I have watched many children play house in front of my booth with soaps. Why aren’t there more people like us!

    And 3rd you need to teach hula-hooping classes! I’m aweful 🙁

    Loves it! I want to steal you and Manda next time I’m in the Bay!!!

    • I couldn’t remember the last time I touched a hula hoop and I had no idea what the heck I was doing! 😛

      • Kelly


        OMG! She said your stuff was suckish and walked away. WHO DOES THAT? than she buys stuff, that lady needs to lay off the drugs lol. U r soo cute twinkie!! Loved watching u and Manda hula hooping!! I can’t believe a bunch of people weren’t lined up to buy your stuff.

  • RachelG


    I had a dream the other night that I saw you in a soda commercial, dancing around a cute brightly lit kitchen, wearing a fun granny square apron. It was a great commerical! I’m going to make the apron you were wearing!

  • Holly R.


    Ummmmm….awesome! I LOVE the jack o lantern mitts…need some! (rubbing my hands together greedily and wishing I had a sinister mustache)

  • Sylvette Marie


    Your booth (Table) always looks so cute!!!

  • Heh heh, you gotta laugh at boring, non-creative people who give their opinion about your work to your face! 😛

    You’re so inspirational – thanks for posting! 🙂

  • Lilly


    Oh your so modest Twinkie!! I don’t think hula hooping is suggestive. Your stuff is adorbs.

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