Get on the hot new trend!!!! CROCHET LIPSTICK.

Okay, so I’m still crocheting samples for new Yummy You product, and I had this pink oval that didn’t turn out to be the shape I wanted it to be.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember how Point A gets to Point B, but let’s just say, I happened upon a genius new crafty/cosmetics fad! Just kidding.

I thought it was hilarious and disturbing.

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  • Acrylicana


    LOL! Now that is the craft of my nightmares. It’s like Amanda Lepore was caught in a yarn shop.

    • Someone said it looked like a vagina. HAHA. But I have also heard that that’s why lipstick is supposed to be attractive. It makes your face look like a vag that’s ready to go.

      • Kelly


        Bahaahaha a ‘vag’ I never thought I would see Twinkie chan saying the word vagina.

          • Corinna


            To go along with the theme, I totally read it as “Crotchmakeup” lolz!

  • MaDonna


    NOOO .. scary 🙁

    • NOOO FUNNY!!!!!

      Also I left the house with it still tied around my neck. Oops.

  • LOL ! A good way to present yourself to your mother-in-law at Thanksgiving…if you meet her for the first time 😉

  • Elysse


    reminds me of one of those blow-up dolls! HAWT!

  • Lee


    I’m disturbed.

    • Yes, as you should be!
      Also an inside joke to myself, given I have a few copycats copying and selling items that I make. Now I’ll make everyone think crochet lipstick is the awesome new thing!!!! But, totally not.

      • Kelly


        You have copy cats? Those jerk faces!! I bet they don’t make as good of foodie scarves as you. It would be funny if they started making crochet lips haha!

  • Leah


    Plus, those have got to be, like, close to SPF 100 — way better than any lipstick on the market. It really comes down to health and safety.

  • Hannah


    Dying. Best idea ever.

  • chinamommy


    creepy and hilarious had a baby! haha!

  • ilse


    soooo funny. I want the lipstick.

  • this is so cool, funny. It would be a great item + statement on a runway

  • Sylvette Marie


    You are Unique! jjjj how funny

    • Amy


      Oops, I meant to link to your yawning pic. Didn’t realize they were all one image.

  • Sarah


    Lmao this is amazing

  • I just now saw this. OMG..I laughed so hard I actually snorted, and darn near pee’d my pants! You’re so darn funny sometimes. lol…hahahaha…Love this!

  • Hahahaha…so darn funny. You’re killing me with your crocheted lips…………Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

  • Sara


    I just went through your entire blog. I love you.

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