Rocket Pop!

After seeing a picture posted by Sue in Instagram of her yellow sandals, I HAD to get a pair of my own! I chose white!

People were like, “Oh, Salt Water sandals! I remember wearing them as a kid!” I don’t have memories of these sandals in particular, so I guess I am happy to steal other people’s notalgia! I got mine on

Please excuse my lack of ability to paint my toes and nails properly or to upkeep or manicure them in any way. I have never ever gotten a professional mani/pedi in my life. It’s just not one of those things I feel like spending money on! Hence, the wreck that is my fingers and toes!

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  1. kimmi says:

    I hate being the first to comment because I feel like such a creeper, but I’m so happy you posted those sandals! I have been on a search for a cute pair of sandals to wear on my trip to Disney World and I think these are them! Are they as comfy as they look?

    1. Twinkie Chan says:

      Posting first doesn’t make you a creeper!! 😛

      Well, I guess they were made to worn in and out of the water, and it says if you want to, you can wear the sandal, get it wet, and wear it around so that the leather conforms to your foot. To me the leather starts off a bit stiff, so maybe the water treatment will help. Pretty much any and all sandals hurt my feet, so I think I might be a bad person to ask about this!!! I only just wore them around today to take photos :P. I definitely would want to break them in before walking around in them all day!

      1. kimmi says:

        Thanks! I’m really not a huge flip flop/sandal person myself, which is why I’m having such a time trying to find a good pair that doesn’t cost 100 dollars or make me look like I’m about to climb a mountain and eat a granola bar. I have a few of those bright cheapie old navy ones but they huuurrrttttt. I’m already on zappos contemplating the yellow!

        1. Twinkie Chan says:

          “or make me look like I’m about to climb a mountain and eat a granola bar”

          AHAHHHHAH I feel you :).
          My favorite travel sandals were a platform pair by Steve Madden, but he doesn’t really make that style anymore.

          You should also check out Miz Mooz brand. I have a pair of flats from them that are cute. I wonder if they do sandals, too.

          1. kimmi says:

            When I went to google miz mooz, sandals was the first thing that popped into the search! love google. They do have a few cute pairs, prices are a bit high but probably worth it. Sad so many of these nice sandals are leather, even the salt water ones. :/ I did end up buying them but hope the vegan police don’t come after me!

        2. Twinkie Chan says:

          I hear you on the leather. The shoes I wear everyday are super plastic. But, also my feet suffocate in them, like they are wrapped in saran wrap!

          1. kimmi says:

            I have a lot of good luck with shoes from Payless. They’ve come a long way from being a joke, I have shoes from them that are like Vans knock offs and last 10x longer.

            Are you referring to those cute dolly shoes you always have on in photos? Cuteness does come at a price most of the time!

          2. kimmi says:

            Creepy…guess what just showed up on my doorstep!! Quickest free shipping of my life!!

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