1001 Rugs

Soo I’ve been idly looking for rugs since we moved into this house. Our living room walls are limey pea green, and so are our rugs!!! TOO. MUCH. GREEN. And a big brown couch. I am super over the lime-green/brown thing you see all over CB2. So I am looking for a rug to bring in new colors in order to buy new throw pillows and stuff to broaden the color palette of the room.

Here are last night’s pickin’s. Hairy has his favorite. I have mine. They do not match. Hahaha. To be continued!

And this one is just for funz! Bedroom maybe? I’m a mature lady!

Also I saw this photo on Tumblr and squeed. The walls are a similar color to our living room walls, and I would LOVE to bring these colors into the livingroom, too. I just feel like for some reason I need to get my rug situation figured out first!


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  • Ginger


    Can you list the sources for the rugs? I really like several of them.

    • Most of them are from 1001arearugs.com, boldrugs.com, and the last flowery one is from garnethill.com.

      No they are not cheap, but I have been searching forever for cheap and have found nothing I like!

  • I like the second one down best….it reminds me of enchanted forests and unicorns for some reason?! haha, I don’t know! 🙂

    P.S. I just joined Twitter (like a day ago, haha- a teeny bit late to the game much?!)and could use all the love I could get….just sayin’ 😉

  • tetcutiepie


    I like the 2nd, 3rd and 4th one! 🙂

    And OMG, I want that kitchen! Sometimes I think a clash of brash colors can look tacky, but that combo really works!

    • I LOVE that color combo. I wish I could find a rug that embodies that aesthetic!

  • Tanya B


    I especially love # 3 and # 4.
    We have the green and brown thing also, and I am over it too.
    I want to make slipcovers, curtains, and white walls. I NEVER thought I would EVER want a white wall. lol
    That’s how over it I am…
    Good luck with your rug search 🙂

    • Our living room walls are JUST SO GREEn I really need other colors to combat it. All the pictures I take in that room are totally tainted by green-neess!

  • brandy


    the first is my favorite, or the pony one! eeopp!!

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