Back from Vegas!

I’m back from the licensing show that took place in Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas this week. I’m pooped!

We took a lot of meetings, spoke to a lot of people, and have a lot of fun things in store, I think!

I can’t decide whether or not to tell the story of why I randomly signed up for an AmEx card at the show…..I think I’ll save it.

For now I have to start brainstorming ideas for various companies and also work on getting y’all some goodies on Etsy!

Oh, also, I randomly shared a hotel room with this little lady. We are Facebook friends, but had never met before in person. I know. I know. Everyone was like, “UH She is gonna be crazy and steal all your stuff!!!” But no, that did not happen!! She is perfectly nice and cute and delightful! I should have taken a photo of us, DOH!

One more thing!!! If you liked the “crochet painting” I made for JapanLA’s Kittens & Ice Cream art show, you can still purchase it online through JapanLA! CLICK HERE to browse the art!

5 Comments on “Back from Vegas!”

  • SO Jelly that Ben got to hang with you. 🙂


    • Oh gosh! It was only for like 2 mins!! I need to come harass you guys the next time I’m in town!! It was so funny, he was all, “How do you know what I look like?” and I’m like, “From a music video!!”

  • heya!!

    first time commenting, been following you for a couple years, now.

    i’m super interested in your experience @ the licensing show and how that process is working for you. will you be blogging about it and/or give any advice to others seeking the same kind of thing?

    also just wanna say that i really admire your supercute talent hard work and wish you all of the best!!


    • Hi Addye!
      I never really know how business-boring to get on this blog, plus, sometimes I like to keep things a surprise so that when something launches, it’s super exciting. You know, sometimes if you talk about stuff, and then it doesn’t pan out, it’s kind of a let down! Maybe I’ll open up a Q&A blog entry for business questions!

      • i TOTALLY hear you on that. i do the same with some events in my life. well good luck with everything, maybe i’ll see you @ the next expo & i hope to collab with you someday!! : )

        stay cute!!

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