Always put some eyeliner before leaving the house …

Always put some eyeliner on before leaving the house …

cuz you never know who you are going to run into at the grocery store!

In real news: my first order of business is to pick up the craft room and the house a little. It exploded in the last few weeks or furious crafting. Then: I’ll shoot photos of the Renegade Craft Fair leftovers and put them on Etsy, with my usual post-craft-fair-week-long sale :).

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4 Replies to “Always put some eyeliner before leaving the house …”

  1. Jenny Whoo says:

    Your hair looks exceptionally bright in this photo- I love it! Looking forward to hearing about Renegade!

  2. chinamommy says:

    his body language is not so friendly!

  3. caz says:

    woooo hooo 😀

  4. brandy says:


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