Everything’s Better with Sprinkles

I was putting sprinkles on a kabillion cupcake scarves the other day, and I dreamily gazed upon my cake stand full of rainbow mini pom poms.

At that moment, I wondered what it would be like to have a big ring covered in these pom poms!


This was the first try. I can’t really tell if it would have any appeal to people who are not obsessed with pom poms to begin with…!

If I made more, I would probably coat the base of the ring with glitter or something first, because it’s kind of lame to be able to see the silver through the spaces in the pom poms. I tried to pack them in there as best I could, but there are still gaps.

Work in progress!

10 Comments on “Everything’s Better with Sprinkles”

  • natazia


    i love this idea! and i love pompoms. i myself made my own version a while back but i stuck the mini pompoms in a heart shaped plastic see through material so they wouldnt get dirty. i stitched the edges in a bright thread color and stuck it on a ring base.

  • Maggi


    That definitely has potential! I wonder if there is a resin that wouldn’t melt the pom poms? That way you could coat the bottom in glitter and then seal the pom poms in a resin “globe”. That would be awesome!

    • I feel like it would lose its fuzzy pompom-ness!

      • Maggi


        Hmmm, good point!

  • Kayleigh


    Another idea, you could always line the base with coloured felt. It would continue the fuzzy theme. Pompoms remind me of my childhood in the best possible way.

  • brandy


    what a cute and colorful idea.

  • Mikelya


    It so is lovely

  • chinamommy


    maybe you could fill the base a tiny bit with glittery resin and then stick the poms in that?! always love your ideas!! 🙂

  • Jaymi


    I love it!!!! I would totally rock a fuzzy pom pom ring!!!

  • candice



    This is off topic but… I FINISHED THE SUSHI SCARF!!! Haha, I’m so excited, it turned out SOOOO cute. I put pictures up on my bloggy, let me know what you think 😉


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