London Part 3: Hairy Hits the Road Again

In London, Hairy decided to rent a car again. I’d requested that we get an automatic transmission this time so I wouldn’t have to worry about him stalling the car or forgetting to put the car back into first gear before the light turned green…..BUT….of course… we got another stick shift. However, Hairy was in love with this car because it was a brand new Citroen that only had like 6 miles on it. It was like a fancy version of our Yaris, except…… NO CUP HOLDERS!!!!!

Our target was STONEHENGE, which is about an hour’s drive out of London. You can’t go up and touch it anymore, but you can get close enough for decent photos. I had always imagined it was on the top of a hill, but it’s kind of just in the middle of this giant untouched grassy pasture.

We attempted to take some jumping photos at Stonehenge, but… unfortunately, they did not turn out very well. I do have a tiny, unflattering video clip, but it was a nice excuse to use a Spinal Tap song!

After Stonehenge, we hopped in the car for an hour more to check out Brighton on the coast. Since we had gotten a late start to the day, everything was pretty much closed down in Brighton by the time we got there, so we didn’t really eat or shop. We kinda just wandered around a little bit on the pebble beach, took some photos, bought some coffee, and then headed back to London to catch dinner with my cousin Victor.

The night before, my girlcousin Terri had cooked us an amazing dinner at her apartment, and due to the protests, the tube station by her place was shut down, so we had to walk across the bridge to the next tube station. We decided to take some rando photos. I think I was really cold and grumpy.

Oh, I forgot to mention, that we changed hotels for the last 3 days, and we ended up in the Bayswater/Notting Hill area, and the whole time we were just wandering the streets of Bayswater, not knowing how close Notting Hill was, and how ten times more posh our eating adventures could have been! Oh well! So when my cousin came to Bayswater to eat dinner with us, we ended up at the most terrible steak house ever, but it was the only place open at 10pm for my cousin to get his protein on.

Special Sauce!!! :X

23 Comments on “London Part 3: Hairy Hits the Road Again”

  • WAAAAAAH! You came so near!! Hahaha love your pics!! xoxox

    • !! I didn’t realize you lived close to Brighton?

  • Shirl Sass


    Love your blog and so much admire your handy work, your so talented.

    • You’re so sweet! Thank you so much!

  • Jules Chan


    Wow, thats a great night picture of London! Stonehenge, yes I remember not even getting as close as you 2 look, shame you cant go and touch anymore, but I guess its all those touches that they dont want!! You certainly got around in your short trip, well done.

    • vacation is exhausting! 😛

  • caz


    I’m dying to go to Stonehenge….living up north without a car sucks 🙁

    • I must admit I didn’t get a lot, spiritually, out of seeing Stonehenge, but Hairy liked it!

  • Abigail


    I can’t believe you were 5 minutes from my parents home! Aha, insane. I was going to mention Stonehenge at the event. My Dad used to be able to sit on the stones, unfortunately they may build a wall so you can’t see it as you drive along.

    • That’s so neat for your dad!!!

      That’s a bit sad about the wall :/ . It’s pretty neat to see it looming in the distance!

  • Maggi


    I just watched Spinal Tap the other night, classic! I’ve always wanted to go to Brighton, mainly so I could walk around all dramatic like I was in a Jane Austen novel. 😛 LOL

    • Ah, I missed out on my dramatic video moment!

  • Man Lee


    How did Hairy like driving on the right side of the road? And how did he do at the roundabouts? Read about Stonehenge in my high school days but never had the urge to visit.

    • I think the worst part was that he also had to use the stick shift with his left hand!!!
      The roundabouts were not too scary… nothing as dramatic as in that one scene in National Lampoons European Vacation!

  • Man Lee


    BTW, Citroens in my days were really ugly. Glad they look much nicer now!

    • If they were ugly i probably would have liked them!!! hehehhe

  • nova


    Best use of Spinal Tap ever!

  • candice


    Ew! usually the Rule Of Thumb goes: If the restaurant has amateur pictures of their food on the menu…it will inevitably suck major ass. 😉

    • FO SHIZZZ!!!! we kinda had no choice, though. it was late, and my cousin was craving MEAT.

  • Jonesy


    You know what I always loved about England? How they call baked potatoes “Jacket Potatoes”. That is the cutest thing!

    • I don’t think I ever heard/noticed that. That IS super duper cute!!

  • Helen


    I still find it weird you went to stonehenge – all this time I’ve been stalking your blog and then you come to the UK! You could have gone to visit my grandma, she lives right near stonehenge 😀 xx

    • Next time I’ll pop in with her for tea!! 😉

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