It’s Our Job To Get Everything Back On Track

“We travel through time, to help history along, give it a push where it’s needed.”

“When the omni’s red, it means history’s wrong, its’ our job to get everything back on track.”

The Voyagers was this tv show from the 80s that only ran for one season. I had never heard of it before, but Hairy loved it and recently got a bunch of DVDs from Netflix. Manda was over the first night he watched it. We kind of rolled our eyes cuz a lot of the nostalgic stuff that Hairy watches ends up being really dumb.

However, we kinda got hooked!!

The show is about this dude named Phineas Bogg who is a “traveler.” He travels through time, fixing moments in history that go wrong for some reason.

He has this book that tells him how history is supposed to be. He uses this thing called the Omni which is a handheld gadget to time travel. When the omni is red, it means history is messed up. When it’s green, it means history is fixed and they can either go on a vacation (which they do a lot) or find the next bit of history to fix.

In a botched time-related incident, he ends up in 1982 and ends up with a young sidekick named Jeffrey. They lose the book, but Jeffrey knows so much about history, that now he can travel with Phineas and help him fix history.

So the show is kind of learn-y but also kind of funny. Phineas is not so learned in the history department, but apparently is a hit with the ladies in this super cheezy way. This prompts Jeffrey to say, “You know the code. No romance while the omni is red!”

In a fit of randomness, I decided to make commemorative tshirts!

I have been hesitant to wear it now, because Danielle thought the shirt was a reference to …. not having sex on your period!! AHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAH. In her defense, we had been Twittering about periods a few days before! I just never even really thought about how the quote on the shirt could read to people who hadn’t watched the show at all. HILARIOUS. This is now known as The Period Shirt.

Good thing I made one for Hairy, too.

14 Comments on “It’s Our Job To Get Everything Back On Track”

  • Shell


    while I wouldn’t wear this shirt .. still lol at the period refernece

  • Shell


    dear god can you not correct spelling on here ? reference, I meant reference

  • Jami


    omg! omg! My mother had dubbed copies of this show for my cousin and somehow it ended up with me at college. When I would feel homesick I ended up watching this!
    I LOVE the shirt!

  • Haha, that is hilarious (What Danielle thought about the shirt πŸ˜‰ I think it’s cute!

    Jamie πŸ™‚

  • SewTara


    I’ve never seen the show but that shirt it awesome!
    I love obscure references and jokes. Now you can find all the awesome people in the world, it’s like a test.
    When you wear it in public and someone laughs you know they’re cool. Like a secret handshake πŸ™‚

  • MaDonna


    omg look at you shaking your finger about period sex. gross, twinkie.

  • Poe


    Eeeek! I actually remember watching that silly show. But, never put the omni-period link together!
    Now I am giggling like mad! That will be my new favorite quote!

  • caz


    ha ha ha I love that shirt!! I don’t think the period message would have occured to me either πŸ˜› I have to say the little kid freaks me out a bit……I may have to wikipedia this show!!

  • Jacci


    lol. when you put the pic on twitter a while back i totally thought it was a ‘no sex period’ kind of joke…
    i still think it’s hysterical πŸ™‚

  • Christina


    OMG, this is too hilarious! Love the “period” shirt! ROFL!!!!!!!!

  • Angie


    I too love and remember this show. On a sad note, the lead actor died early by playing a game of russian roulette….hence only one season.

  • I remember this show. But my absolute favourite show I remember was The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage. I wish they had DVDs of that show… πŸ™

  • Meliss


    ohmygosh! i loved voyagers! I found a bunch of episodes on youtube a few months back to show my kids the ‘awesomeness’ that was on tv when i was a kid. (i also showed them ‘parker lewis can’t lose’, another great one) the best thing about vegging out in front of voyagers all day was that we could pretend that it counted as history. i would so wear the shirt, very cute!

  • Reb


    Ive been busy w/ a funeral & my kids on spring break last week, so Im just catching up on your blogs…this is just so funny! Made me smile big time, thanks Twinkie!!

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