London Part 1: Museums and Fancy Dinners

Back in London, we walked out of our hotel by Hyde Park and had breakfy with Victor, and then we met up with my cousin YanYan to hang out it in British  Museum.

I no longer need to look at another Greek water pitcher/vase for the rest of my life. THEY HAVE A LOT OF THOSE THERE.

In this photo, I told Hairy to look like one of the busts. This was a rare moment that I told him he was smiling TOO MUCH.

After the museum, we had soft serve ice cream from the ice cream truck sitting outside. Hairy took lots of pics of the cute truck with his Holga, but he hasn’t developed those yet. Then we had to change clothes for fancy din dins at Pied a Terre, a 2 Michelin star restaurant whose site is not loading right now … The whole reason this London trip came to be was due to the fact that my other girl cousin Terri had been in London for a year getting her culinary degree, and she just graduated. So we thought we’d meet up with my cousin Vic to celebrate graduation with Terri. Hence, marathon eating!

Here are some poorly shot, dark photos of our meal. I don’t like using the flash in a restaurant, nor do I know how to take photos in low light, sooooo….yup. We all got the tasting menu. Hairy got the wine flight to go with it and got trashed.

I’m shocked I didn’t gain more weight on this vacay, but we actually walked around all day everyday, so I guess it came out even!

4 Comments on “London Part 1: Museums and Fancy Dinners”

  • Louisa


    Oh my word that food looks AMAZING!! Every time I go to London we just go for big steaks at a steak house in Leicester Square! Think my trip in November may have to include this place………

    • Yeah, it seems like everyone always says there is yucky food in England, but there is good stuff there if you know where to go! 🙂

  • tetcutiepie


    Fancy smancy indeed! Damn, how many courses did you get at this restuarant?! Or is that not all of yours, hehe…

    • I think we got snaps of all the courses!!! Aside from the bread! 😛

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