Dublin Part 2: The Leprechaun Museum!

So when we bumped into Roisin on the street, she suggested we go to the Leprechaun Museum.

Hairy and I had seen signs for this all over town, but I kinda rolled my eyes. On our Boston trip last year, he dragged me to the Salem Witch Museum, and, no offense Salem, it kinda blew. So there was no way I was gonna go to the Leprechaun Museum!!

However, upon Roisin’s recommendation, I agreed to give it a go, plus we dragged my cousin Victor along, too! (He insisted we all get a drink first, though…which we did.)

Let the journey begin!

So we actually didn’t see very many representations of leprechauns in the museum. The first room has books and pictures in it, and a dude gives you a little intro. The rest of the place is like an interactive journey through storytelling. Each room is supposed to represent something, which I forget now, like an abstract forest, a cavern, a fairy hill, a rainbow, stuff like that. Except the cavern is like this wooden structure, and the rainbow is made out of stringy tassels. The best part, tho, was the Giant’s Room. All the furniture is really big, as if you were the leprechaun. So you get to climb all over giant chairs and stuff. I tried to get up on the chair, but I was wearing a dress. I didn’t make it. I ended up giving myself a giant bruise!

Photos first. Video at the bottom.

15 Comments on “Dublin Part 2: The Leprechaun Museum!”

  • Rachael


    DAMN! My friend Steffie and I were in Dublin last June and we passed by that museum but did not go in (just took a picture outside with the sign) We were only in Dublin for a few days though so definitely have to return for all of the museums we missed. If you’re still there, eat at Juno’s Cafe. You won’t regret it!

    • Aw we were only there from the 21-23. We ate at the Pig’s Ear. So good!

  • Sylvette Marie


    That Museum let the people toch and sit on the big chairs that a cool museum…

    • They are big on interactivity at this museum!

  • Jenny Whoo


    Giant chair! I kinda want one….too bad I’d never be able to climb into it!

    • I sucked. I was the only person who couldn’t get up there…

  • McKayla


    That is so rad… hahahah.

  • WOOT these chairs looks cool! :O
    Wish we had that here on a museum in the Netherlands…

    • Yes all museums should include giant stuff to climb on!

  • Kayleigh


    Haha love the picture of your cousin in hysterics over your boyfriend trying to get onto the chair!

    You should come to Yorkshire next time you fly over to the UK…well maybe you shouldn’t, cos it’s kinda dull. >.<

  • candice


    Haha! Adorable pix! I’m only 5’3…so sometimes that feels like my life. I have to practically get a running start to hop in my work truck…:D

    • I am 5’3″ as well. I’ve been driving an SUV the past few days and feel like an elf!

  • Maggi


    That is very cool!

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