Check out my Home Shopping Video!!!

Okay. So, my buddy Maddy missed out on my earlier Valentine’s Day Etsy update, and she was like, “Boodyhoo!” and I was like, “I will make u a home shopping video!”

So I did.

Be prepared for some dorkiness. Also I didn’t script it or anything, so when I’m trying to have a conversation with myself, it sometimes has stuff left out or makes no sense because I forgot about what I was supposed to say. Anyway, I thought you might get a laugh out of some of it!!

14 Comments on “Check out my Home Shopping Video!!!”

  • Mac


    I really loved this, lol. But I love lots of things that are funny and cute, you are both!

    • Haha thank you! I would like to maybe do a better one one day, but I really have no use for it 😛

  • Cate


    hahaha best video ever xoxo

  • cuppy



    I about died from laughing so hard. SO FUNNY!

    You are the bestest ever & I love your videos so much! They make me miss you like crazy though 🙁

    xoxoxooxox LOVE YOU !!!!!!

    • I misses you, too!!!!!!! Make a funny video back!!! HEheeehehe Cuppy’s Cupcake Shopping Network!

  • Kinsey


    Oh my law! Loved this!! =D


  • LOOOL! 😀 loved it… was a very good laugh! 😀

    • hehe i’m glad! i got a laugh out of it too! so did my mom 😛

  • That was so funny and cute! You brightened my gloomy day <3

    • aw yay! that’s what i like to hear! i mean, not the gloomy part, but the brightening part 😛

  • melissa


    lawdy, that music was ridic!


  • oh please I need ALL *__*
    ps your voice is so funny ihihihi

    I love youuuuuuuuu more and moreeeeeeeeeeee

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