Merry Christmas! I have a tutorial prezzie for you!

Merry Christmas!!

I decided that as a present to my crocheting blog-readers, I would post up a free tutorial for my Crocheted Popcorn Garlands for one week (until Jan. 1), so grab it while you can before I take the pattern down!

I wanted to crochet my own garland for my own tree, using a pattern that wasn’t too complicated (so I could work on it while vending at Renegade!) but still looked a lot like popcorn. I researched around a little bit to see what patterns were out there, but I just wasn’t quite satisfied with the ones I found, so I Frankensteined my own!


** Happy new year! I have removed the free pattern and will post it to Etsy some time soon. Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚ **

26 Comments on “Merry Christmas! I have a tutorial prezzie for you!”

  • Annais


    I wish I could understand crochet instructions. I would totally make hot pink pop corn, lol!

    • OMG i thought of that, too! Like the pink bricks at the carnival!

  • Maggi


    Awesome, thanks for sharing the pattern with us! Merry Christmas!

  • Ekto-Kim


    thanks for leaving this pattern. as you can see in my blog i got your book for christmas. i love it but i have to try a bit before i start my first project. i have a big plan with the popcorn garland for next year…
    and merry christmas!!!

  • Amy


    This looks so cute! Thanks for posting it. I’ll have to add it to my to do list which just keeps getting longer since I got your book. Too many cute ideas to choose just one so I think I’ll eventually do them all.

  • Jess, LA


    I bought the book a few weeks ago, and i love the popcorn garland idea. Now, to find the peeps bunny pattern…Merry Christmas.

  • CHD


    Thanks for the pattern. I just got your book for Christmas too- the pear is my favourite. It’s too hot for scarfs in New Zealand a the moment, but will look forward to making it for winter next year.

  • Mary


    Merry Christmas! Hopefully by next Christmas I will be good enough at crochet to have crochet popcorn garland on my tree ๐Ÿ˜€

  • That is the coolest present ever! Thanks so much Twinkie!!

  • poohknit


    Thanks Twinkie!!!!! Very nice present!!!

  • Janna Lynn


    Sweet present! Your so inventive! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!!! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • Anya N


    oh how lovely! Got it to decorate the apartment! Thanks a lot!

  • Emily


    Holy crap! I love this! Merry Christmas!!

  • Michelle


    Merry Christmas and thank you Twinkie!!!

  • Merry Christmas, guys! Sorry I can’t reply directly to your comments like I could before. My reply plug-in broke so we have to get a new one going!

  • Jess: I don’t make the marshmallow bunny items anymore nor would I post the pattern, since it’s the Peeps’ people’s intellectual property technically I guess. I don’t know. Not sure of exact legal details, but I just don’t want to overstep bounds ;). I am sure you can find other Peeps patterns out there, though!

  • Jess, LA


    Thanks, Twinkie! It’s mostly abpout a peeps obsession a friend of mine and I have. I was working for anither friend at Comic-Con and saw your tatoo, and asked to take a picture.

    We don’t have pink popcorn down here in LA. Now, I can make some.

  • Amie


    Purple sparkly popcorn, I can picture it now!!! I’m gonna drape these gardlands everywhere!! Merry belated christmas!!!

    You rock!!!

  • tiffany


    this is so nice of you to share! thank you!
    i totally saved the page. can’t wait to try to figure it out.
    i love everyone’s ideas for different colored popcorn. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • debbstar


    huzzah for free patterns and tutorials! bestest yarnia present yet!

  • RachelM


    Thanks so much for the free pattern! I just bought your book and can’t wait to get stuck into all the yummy crochet. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • april


    awesomeness! thank you for sharing your pattern!

    Have a very happy new year!

  • Trish


    Thank you so much! You’re very generous sharing your talent with us!

  • Vivian


    been looking for crocheted popcorn garland & just found yours ,but too late for pattern .Could you PLEASE send it to me ?
    I would VERY MUCH appreciate ,looks like exactly what I am looking for ,after ALL these years .

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