Hey, Portland. Come crochet a cupcake on Friday!

Come crochet a cupcake with me this Friday, Dec 10 at Twisted in Portland!
I will also be signing books for a few hours at Crafty Wonderland on Saturday and Sunday.

Also I will have my very last audio/visual extravaganza on Sunday at Powell’s City of Books at 4pm. Hope to see you!!! Check out tour info here. (But note that the Powell’s event is really at 4pm, not 3pm!)

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3 Replies to “Hey, Portland. Come crochet a cupcake on Friday!”

  1. sara cupcake says:

    i’m all signed up to come crochet with you. super excited! 🙂

  2. chinamommy says:

    wish i could… Michigan is a bit far….

  3. Heidi V says:

    Where did you get your shelves for your yarn?! It must make you so happy to walk into that room!

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