Sanrio 50th VIP Party & Nerd Night!

So last weekend, Hairy and I trekked to L.A. to celebrate Sanrio’s 50th Anniversary! The party/exhibition took place in a giant airplane hangar and included an art gallery, pop-up shop, mini golf course, verris wheel, photobooths, and free food like Yogurtland fro yo, Pink’s Hot Dogs, and Beard Papa cream puffs. There was a really long line when Hairy and I arrived in the back, and when I asked a guy at the door where artists should line up, he just told us to go through the side door he was standing by. This was cool because we bypassed the line, but was a little uncool, as we discovered later that we didn’t get the chance to check-in and get tickets for for the food carts or a free gift bag! Doh!

I’ll put the rest of the pics under a cut, so that I don’t blow up your blog readers with 30+ photos!

Here’s a view from when we were riding the ferris wheel!

Me and chubbybunny

Me and Paul Frank’s Keroppi. Keroppi twinz!

I just love me some Pandapple!

Here are my scarves hanging up! 1 scarf has 14 characters, and the other has 5 characters on repeat.

Here’s me and messypink who bought one of my Sanrio goodies!

Me and the glamorous cicelymargo! She’s so cute. She had been giving me advice about adhesives a few days before on Twitter, and when I saw her at the event, she brought me a present: two-part epoxy! I love her!

Me and Johnny Cupcakes!

More Keroppi twinz with Julie Doll!

Me and Onch! He’s so funny. He said we looked like sisters in this photo! Heheh.

Me and Diana. She so purdy, and she made her outfit!

Erik Estrada was in the house. Hairy snapped some creeper pics.

Art by
Miss Kika!


Giant painting by Simone Legno, the Tokidoki dude.

SOoooooo two nights later was the Sanrio Nerd party. Now, I had not planned my outfits very well since I was crazy busy finishing my Sanrio scarves and also prepping for my book tour. I made my Keroppi top for the VIP party the night before in my hotel. I kinda spazzed on the nerd night. I ended up making us some KUMON tshirts with a Sanrio character as the letter “O.” For those not in the know, Kumon is an after-school tutoring place where a lot of Asian kids hang out! MATH. READING. SUCCESS.

This is me and the gal who ended up purchasing the suspenders I made for the Hello Kitty fashion show last year! I kind of ran up to her and bombarded her, and I think she was like WTF WHO ARE YOU!!?? And then I had to esplain.

Here’s the craziness of the giveaway where they threw Sanrio/Loungefly goodies into the crowd!!! I ran away cuz excited crowds are scary!

I kept hearing all about Jenni Rae’s cake balls, and I finally got to eat one! YUM YUM!

Wait till you see Shrinkle’s nerd outfit. She said it sucked and was uncomfortable dressing like a nerd.

Here’s me behind a hamburger.

Me with Mr. and Mrs. Locketship! How awesome is Maria’s outfit, especially her PEZ headband!? Her hubby won the costume contest and then won this awesome bike!!

Nerds ended up gathering at Izzy’s deli for late night eats. The waitress was like, “Who are you? Strawberry Shortcake!?” Um, no, just me.

35 Comments on “Sanrio 50th VIP Party & Nerd Night!”

  • Tamz


    So many amazing outfits! I didn’t know you had made a Sanrio scarf. Think I’m behind on the blog times.

    Looked like a great night

    • Yes, I made 4 scarves in 2 designs! 🙂

  • That scarf is to die for!! I want it so much I love it xxxx

  • Olivia Quintero


    “Strawberry Shortcake?”……LOL!! Oh silly waitress.

  • Olivia Quintero


    BTW: Thanks for sharing pics. My cuz and I were were like “wahhhhh!” because we (being in SoFla) missed all the Hello Kitty funtivities going on at the West coast. =*[

    • I love looking at pics of other people’s adventures, too! Since I mostly sit around in my house all day! 😛

  • luan


    cut>333 i love twinkie chan sucesss babY ^.^

  • Maggi


    It all looks like tons of fun but Nerd Night looks awesome! Love that Pez hairband!

  • Sarah


    The scarves are amazeballs! Looked like a really good time!

  • Cate


    Awww it looks like such an awesome party and I LOVE your scarves. I wish I lived in LA so i could go to all these fabulous parties, I’ll be there(ish) next year though 😀

      • Cate


        Nah it’s more of an extended vacation. I’m doing a months volunteer work in Gibbon Sanctuary about an hour north of LA so I figure it’s a good oppourtunity to explore the area 🙂

  • Sylvette Marie


    Im so sad that I can go to this pop up sanrio tour. 🙁 But im glad that I enjoy your photos… Shrinkle look so diferents not showing sking jj but It wa s nerd party. 8)

    Hugs Twinkie

    • Yeah I think she said her shirt made her really sweaty!

  • poohknit


    That looks like fun!!!!! There is a whole new world out there to see!!! What a cool thing to know!

    • Oh man, I don’t even go to one tiny teeny percentage of the fun wacky things out there!

  • Jorden


    Wow, I am so freaking jealous! But you deserve it all, you one of my web heros

    Jorden x

    • Thank you, Jorden, that’s very sweet! 😉

  • aagghh! i LOVE this post….so much awesomeness in one shot, haha! 🙂

    • It’s too bad my video clips didn’t turn our very well!

  • Amy


    That nerd outfit SUCKED more than anything I have ever worn! I was sweating in all that polyester, the pants were giving me cameltoe, and the collar of my blouse was choking me. But it was worth it, I mean look how sexy I looked!

    • I hope you dress like that you are an old lady. You will be cutest dorky old lady ever!

  • Janna Lynn


    Poor Shrinkle..its really not that bad, I dress nerdy everyday ;)! Ha ha! It looks like you had such a blast. I would have looooved to go to an event like that. Actually, I have the stamina of a 90 year old granny so..I would have pooped out early. So, I’m glad you did it and blogged about it so I can see highlights of the awesomeness! Take Care, Hearts…Janna Lynn

    • She made fun of me for dressing nerdy everyday too 😛

  • yay, i didn’t make it down there till 11/20, but it was sooo cool to see your scraves in person. I didn’t dare ask if they were for sale and the price.. 0_0 for fear of not caring the $$ and just having to have… they were soooo awesome in person and i was so excited to show my friend your work. I have been pimping your book to all my crochet friends.

  • Leigh-Ann


    this is really awesome and insane! i had no idea who anybody was but you and looking at the photos, i smiled the whole time 🙂 Looks like so much fun, my teeth hurt! 🙂 You’re so cool Twinkie 🙂
    xo, LA

  • Jean


    I just got your book Twinkie!!!! Love it very much. Sooo creative you are. Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from. Soo nice. My wife Noriko makes Soy donut candles!!!! One Love, Jean.

  • I went to this but not at the time you were there, and i wonered if you were going to make one of those scarfs again.

  • when I went I thought you would want the candy hambuger piture. Too bad they already sold it.>:

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