Retro Futurism of the 80’s!

Sorry these are pictures taken on my phone of my tv… hehe….but I had to share with you this awesome fluffy polka dot dress that Juliette Lewis wears in this little funky movie called Meet the Hollowheads.

I was working while it was playing on TV so I didn’t fully pay attention to the plot, but what caught my eye was the cool aesthetic of the whole thing. It was shot in 1989, but it was supposed to be futuristic, so the clothes are TOTALLY BOSS.

Today, I’ve been working on a cute mini-book/zine of short patterns to put in my book signing gift bags. Think about 3 inches x 4 inches. I’ve never made one before, so we’ll see if I number the pages correctly and am able to print them out cute-ly! I’m excited if they actually work, and I will probably sell them for like $3.00 on Etsy if they turn out ok!

5 Comments on “Retro Futurism of the 80’s!”

  • Michele


    I’ve never seen that movie or heard of it! But that dress IS totally boss! I love how the polka dots are all circus-y. <3

  • Sylvette Marie


    Never seen this movie but I love this tutu dress so 80’s. Perfect for a B-DAY dress…. I want a bag… let us know with time Twinkie.


  • OMGosh…I love that dress, and think it would be totes cute on you.

  • That dress *is* TOTALLY BOSS. The little books sound cool! I’ve been reading your crochet book here and there, I just need to buy a set of hooks, I only have an H hook right now haha. Oh, yes, and I was very pleased that there was a basics of crochet section at the front! Huzzah!

  • ohhh!!!! I love how poofy her dress is. She looks like an icecream, sprinkles and all!!

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