Remember that time I tried to crochet a GRILL!?

It’s pretty tough, amirite!?

The “bling teeth” photo I stole from Shrinkle. Also she recently posted her blog entry about Comic Con, which included my all-time favorite photo of the two of us.

Happy Friday!

8 Comments on “Remember that time I tried to crochet a GRILL!?”

  • Kayleigh


    Doesn’t it get all soggy and take ages to dry out? haha.

    And oh my word i would kill for Shrinkles cowboy boots!

  • Sylvette Marie


    You too Twinkie Happy Friday yeiii 😛

  • cs7


    Could you comment with what brand your shoes are? Where did you get them? They are awesome!

    • I buy them on Amazon! They are Demonia brand, and I think the style is called SPRITE. They are not made very well and I end up buying another pair like every 3-4 months 😛

  • i love that you crocheted a grill!

  • crocheted grill… you are sooo hilarious girl!!!

  • Mintii


    When I clicked on the link, I honestly was imagining you crocheting a BBQ grill….

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