Bust Magazine Blog Blurb!

Thanks, BUST Mag for the blurb on their book about my book!

Click on the image to see it on Bust.

In other news, I got sick this weekend :(. Am still recuperating! Hairy’s magical concoction for colds is: One glass orange juice, one Airborne tab, and one squirt of echinacea/goldenseal liquid. I’m gonna go make one now!!

9 Comments on “Bust Magazine Blog Blurb!”

  • Emily


    oh man, my two boys and I are just getting over colds! I like to run to Trader Joe’s and get their lemon ginger echinacea drink!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    • Oh that sounds really yummy actually!

  • i love bust mag, congrats!!

    • Thank you! Would be so cool to get anything inside the print mag!

  • San Smith


    Ouuuh super cool being featured in bust! I hope you feel better <3

    • Thank you, San!!! I just have some phlegm in my throat now but I feel much better!

  • That video is awesome and fun! I can’t *WAIT* for the book to come out!! Are you doing a book tour?

    Feel better soon!

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