Hunting the Elusive ELMO DOLL

For Father’s Day, we went to Half Moon Bay to eat eggs benedict. The drive was really pretty, and it’s a shame I only had my phone cam to capture anything!

We wandered around down town a bit, where I found an AWESOME yarn shop!! I need to go back and check it out more closely!

We also wandered into a bakery where I bought this giant Portuguese sweet bread. I couldn’t stop eating it.

I painted a couple closets in our new house this weekend with my mom. Hairy and I were over there tonight, finishing up some stuff, and Bibi and Bunny brought a gross Elmo doll from the yard INTO THE HOUSE! YUCK!! There is all kinds of garbage and toys and giant piles of leaves that needs to be cleared out of there. Who knows what else the dogs will find and drag inside!

Just in case y’all don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I posted a sneak of a cupcake coffee cup cozy. They are all finished up (10, all unique colors/flavors!), and I just have to finish up a few more things before uploading to Etsy! Finally! I am thinking maybe getting stuff into the shop on Wednesday. I have a ton of house-related appointments this week!

10 Comments on “Hunting the Elusive ELMO DOLL”

  • Anne


    Ohh what was the yarn shop called?

    • oh gosh, I didn’t even bother to look at the name. i have no idea! if we go back, i’ll remember to blog again!

  • chinamommy


    i’m in Wisconsin 1 week eattin’ cheese curds and you now have a house? Geesh! I like the colors! I used a disney color in my bathroom (i think it’s little boy blue, very turquoise!). I’m still pluggin away on my crochet skirt from happy hooker. just bought crochet today cause it had another skirt pattern and i think i now must have them ALL!

    • I will randomly purchase crochet magazines from time to time but then never get the chance to actually read them! 😛

  • chinamommy


    and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the cozy!!!

  • Amber


    Holy crap how cute is that!?!

    There is too much cuteness trapped inside of you. way too much.

    • 😛 I also crochet dud projects and am also grumpy a lot 😛

  • That cozy is gorgeous. Hope the painting is going well xx

  • Rebecca


    Oh wow, you guys are moving to a house, how lovely!!!

    • I can’t wait to move in!!!!! The house needs a lot of work first, though!

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