Zizappin’ mah zizzitz wif ZENO!!

(File this blog entry under: TWINKIE CHAN HAS NO SHAME.)

It’s no secret, I don’t sleep very much, or very well, or, at healthy hours. Especially since working on Yummy You, my sleep schedule has been wiggidyWACK, which means…..ZIT CITY!!!! I have been fighting re-occurring pimpledaddies on my forehead and between my eyes since, like, January. I’m not usually this zitty, and I need to correct my sleep schedule, but then a deadline creeps up and I’m up all night again.

Anyway, Candace turned me on to the Zeno Hot Spot, which uses gentle heat to kill zit bacteria. She has the big one, and I ordered the little one, which I found out, is basically disposable after 80 zaps, so you might really think on it before purchasing! However, it is less expensive to get the little one if you are just curious and want to try it out.

While I was waiting for mine to arrive, I noticed on TV that Whitney Port (of The Hills and The City fame) is currently the face of Zeno. This made me more confident in my purchase!! Heheheh.

So, I tried it for the first time tonight and made a video for you guys. You have to leave it on your zit for 2.5 minutes (!!!) so I sped it up for your convenience. There is another brand of zit zapper out there with a much shorter usage time, but apparently it’s also A LOT HOTTER, so that sounds scary to me. I have patience.

If you listen closely to the parts in my video with no music, you can hear the little beeps that the Zeno makes when you begin and when you end. I’m not sure if this whole Zeno thing works yet or not …. but it’s an interesting adventure. Also, I used this at 3 am, so please excuse the horrible lighting as well as my grossness.

Notice from the 1st pic, I have 2 zits very close to each other. In all honesty, I already tried to squeeze The Big One while house-sitting for the past few days, so I only tried the Zeno on The Baby.

24 Comments on “Zizappin’ mah zizzitz wif ZENO!!”

  • Danielle


    Do you think Whitney uses it on her heinous ass pimples??

    • The consumer in me hopes so!!! Heehheh

  • Manda


    So is it supposed to work instantly or do you have to use it for awhile?

    • It’s supposed to start working in an hour, but if need be, you can hit it again before the day is done.

  • lisa


    i tried zeno years ago when it first came out.
    did nothing for me. hope you’ll have better luck!!

    • Yeah, all these facial stuff probably just depends from person to person!

  • i did a lil research on the Zeno thing, and i dunno if you knew or not, but it says it has replacement tips. πŸ˜€ i just might have to try this thing out! ;P

    thnx for the heads up! πŸ˜‰ plz let us all know if it works!

    • The bigger one has replacement tips!! They are $30. The small zeno on the whole is $40 :).

  • Dom Zombee


    hey twinkie, just wondering where you got your nail polish? its such a cool shade of blue πŸ™‚

    • I got it in a beauty supply store. the color is called Blue Collar πŸ™‚

  • Jules Chan


    Your too funny.. i tried the bigger one years ago. Not sure about the small head on this one your using tho, very hard to hit the target spot on, but the big one has a flatter larger surface and for the big type of zits that are only just beginning to erupt, it works!! It doesnt work on all tho’ just the ones that are just starting.
    For some reason i dont use it anymore tho? Maybe it became too time consuming when youve got more than one zit : )

    • 2.5 minutes is a loooong time to be sticking something on your face!!!! And yeah, I had no idea if I was actually hitting my zit or not….I think I was….! πŸ˜›

  • Sylvette Marie


    jjj So cool Twinkie…cute song by the way….

    people poping pimpols jjj catchi song jjj

    • I had fun finding a pimple song! HAhahah

  • Sylvette Marie


    I forgot πŸ˜• I dont think Whitney have one pimple in her perfect life …

    • Maybe it’s cuz she uses the Zeno πŸ˜›

  • I have never heard of anything like this zit zapper thing before, i would probably end up zapping the wrong bits and missing the zits.

    • Yeah I’ll have to see how this all works….One time is too early to tell!

  • Michelle


    Never hear of that before. You have to let us know if it works. And love the songs you pick for your videos. LOL!

    • I’ll keep you guys updated! πŸ™‚

  • Sandy


    This is so hilarious. For that money you could have gone to the beauty salon that’s probably mor worth it πŸ˜‰
    I am curious if it worked…

    • I think I tried it on zits that were already too “developed” since it’s supposed to be for when your zit JUST starts to appear under the surface, I think! But I didn’t want to blog negative results if I was using it incorrectly. I still kinda don’t know since the forehead acne I was battling for a few months decided to go away….:P

  • Lisa


    Did it work? You never blogged with results!

  • Lisa


    actually, your blogging kind of sucks dick because you can’t answer the few people who leave a comment!

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